Crowdsourced Tech Database

by Aaron Hoyland

In an effort to keep pinball alive and thriving, we are crowd sourcing pinball techs from all over the world to compile their contact information into an online database. This is version 0.1 of this resource. This database connects the pinball community with techs to keep pinball games alive, playable, and fun. Troubleshooting is now a click away!*

  • Are you a pinball technician? Would you like your business to be listed? Click here to submit your information to our database so customers can find your business easily. Be sure to include important information like zip code, phone number and any email addresses, social media or websites associated with your company – the more accurate and thorough your information the better. If you have a company logo, be sure to send a hi-res copy through our contact us email.  
  • When in doubt, reach out. If you have a modern game and the only result is a technician that specializes in older Electro-Mechanical games we still encourage you to reach out – They may know of someone to refer you to.
  • Did you have success with a tech from our database? Send feedback about your experience here so we may improve the information that we provide.
  • If you’re a tech who makes frequent orders with us, you may qualify for a commercial discount. The discount program begins at 2,000 USD spent in a year and goes up from there. Contact us to see about setting up an account. 

*Marco Specialties, Inc. is not affiliated with the referred individuals, so this database should be utilized at the customer’s discretion. Marco Specialties, Inc. accepts no responsibility or liability for any potential complications related to this information.

About Us: Everything Pinball

by Imoto Arcade

Marco Pinball has one mission: provide pinball machine owners one source for Everything Pinball.

Founded in 1985 and online since 1999, Marco has since grown to offer over 30,000 individual parts for thousands of pinball machines to customers around the world. With thousands of rare parts, large inventories of common parts, industry-leading fulfillment, and trusted customer service, Marco is the central pillar of the global pinball machine community. Customers ranging from first-time pinball machine owners to large pinball arcade operators find everything they need at Marco.

With direct relationships to hundreds of pinball component manufacturers worldwide, Marco parts come directly from the original factory whenever possible. Our dedicated team of purchasing professionals scour the globe for rare parts that are difficult to obtain.

As the pinball community grows around the world, Marco supports the pinball industry by sponsoring dozens of pinball shows, exhibitions, tournaments and other events every year.

Halloween Deals 2021

by Imoto Arcade
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Halloween Pinball Party season is here!

BOO-NUS savings for parts this weekend!!

This weekend, Oct 22nd-25th, we are offering a limited time FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING CODE, and $10 OFF INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for orders over $99, so you can get your last minute parts for your Halloween celebrations next weekend!


Free Domestic Shipping

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Codes are CASE-SENSITIVE, use all caps to activate! Domestic orders receive USPS/FEDEX GROUND shipping. For International orders, input code on International Checkout Page. Offer valid from 10/22-10/25

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Become a Marco Specialties Search Pro

by Kim Martinez

Tips and Tricks of Using our Website

Finding exactly what you need using website searches can, at times, be frustrating.  This article is designed to help by offering some tips and tricks on how to navigate our website and find the best results possible.  Naturally, we want to be sure that you’re getting the most relevant information for your particular search, and we want to do all that we can to make it easier.

So let’s introduce you to our website!

Here are some of the notable features of our site:

  1. You can Search by Game which is great for casual browsing. Our website does NOT list them in alphabetical order.
  2. You can Search by Category which is a great tool to narrow down broad searches and scrolling through our available tools, hardware, etc.

The best thing you can do if you’re looking for a specific game quickly is simply to type the game name into our search bar. As you can see above, it will either list Game Specific parts or the Game’s Parts List first.

an example of Games Specific parts list in our search results

In the below video, we’ll walk you through using the Related Items tab and the Product Compatibility tab.

a look at our Related Items and Product Compatibility tabs

These tabs hold useful information and many times offer specific parts related to the item listed (ie: proper screws, washers, rivets, or other Game Specific items).

The Product Compatibility tab lists the games that are currently known to be compatible with the product you’re viewing. This is extremely helpful when you’re interested in a certain component that can possibly fit a variety of machines.

This is also a useful tool to navigate our site quickly if you’re looking for a specific game. If you click on the game listed under this game specific part (MANDALORIAN (STERN) INSIDE ART BLADES) it will direct you to that games full part list.

Product Listing

Our product listings may contain reference numbers in the text, these numbers may list the assemblies that this particular part is in, equivalent part numbers from other manuals (Bally, Stern, Sega, Williams, WICO, Chicago Coin), or any substitutes or replacement part numbers if we have them.

Pinball is a DIY hobby and many of our part listings and compatibilities come from crowdsourcing, so don’t hesitate to let us know if we’ve omitted something.

As you can see in the above video, the full assembly (part #511-6971-00) is listed in the reference section of the fire button switch (part #180-5218-00) description. This helps you identify where this particular switch would fit in. With the Related Items Tab you can then reference the other parts of the assembly (ie: the bracket and the screws).

This is great when you’re only looking for the different components (ie: just the bracket, or just the switch) as opposed to the finished assembly.

The E-Mail Me When Available option works well if you see a particular item listed as out of stock. Our catalog is updated live when our receiving department takes in new inventory so sign up for notification to be alerted the second a part comes back in stock. This feature is a great tool if you’re tracking an item you really want!

Sometimes Less is More

On our site, being specific in your search sometimes eliminates the part you’re looking for and at worst makes it look like we don’t carry the part at all. Here at Marco we strive to carry information on as many pinball parts as possible so if you come across this road block it may be that too much information was placed into our search bar.

Going back to our fire button switch, notice that when the search becomes too specified, “Mandalorian fire button assembly”, our site gave us less than stellar results. But we know this switch is in our system, we just saw it! Even though the information entered is valid, our search was unable to find the corresponding item.

Removing the game and only searching for “fire button” brings up many results, including the switch we are searching for.

Once you utilize our product compatibility, it becomes much easier to verify if the part number you pulled up works with the game in question (in this example, Mandalorian).

If you’re getting results you’re not hoping for, don’t give up — perhaps create a more generic search that has the general identifier (ie: bracket, coil, etc.) and the specific (ie: switch, flipper, etc.).

Hopefully, these tricks and tips have helped you find what you’re looking for. As always, our dedicated team of pinball ninjas are available to take your questions, calls and assist in any way we can. So, if you’re still having trouble locating that hard to find part, just give us a call or email, and we’ll do our best to get your machine up and running again!

Stern Pinball’s Godzilla Announced!

by Imoto Arcade

Order yours today by emailing us at [email protected] or calling us at 803-957-5500.

In this monster-packed pinball adventure, players become Godzilla! The evil aliens, the Xiliens, use mind control rays to take control of the monsters King Ghidorah, Gigan, Megalon, Ebirah, and Titanosaurus. The Xiliens are demanding all of Earth’s resources. Godzilla and its allies, Mothra, Rodan, and Anguirus, battle the Xilien invasion with the goal of conquering Mechagodzilla to become King of the Monsters!

See GODZILLA in action!

Chaos and destruction ensue on the playfield with Godzilla multiball, started by shooting one of the various shots in and through the centrally located skyscraper. In the GODZILLA Premium and LE models, a motor actuates the skyscraper, diverting balls through each of its five stories as it collapses, ultimately locking three balls on its roof. The Premium/LE playfield also features a collapsing bridge ramp. This animated breakaway ramp is guarded by a custom molded Godzilla and can divert pinballs back to the flipper or directly onto the playfield during Bridge Attack multiball.

On the Premium and LE models, Mechagodzilla features a motorized three-bank target set which rotates to reveal a spinner and jump ramp. Players will engage the Kaiju in battle by launching pinballs with the jump ramp and bashing the magnetic ball catch on its chest to start Mechagodzilla multiball.

All models of GODZILLA pinball machines feature an innovative “Magna Grab” magnetic newton ball, capable of catching pinballs from five different shot paths, including off the plunge. This device can also divert pinballs to set up shots from the upper left flipper. The game also includes the iconic title song “Godzilla” by Blue Oyster Cult, stunning hand-drawn artwork by Zombie Yeti, intricate wireform ramps, three spinning targets (Heat Ray, Mechagodzilla, and Monster Rampage), three flippers, three “powerline” themed stand-up targets and a UFO pop pumper. The game highlights video and audio from ten* Toho Showa Era Godzilla films to create a one-of-a-kind immersive Godzilla pinball experience.

GODZILLA pinball machines also debut Stern’s Insider Connected system, which includes a QR code reader on the bottom arch that enables players to interact with the game and this new network in a variety of ways. Stern Insider Connected provides new entertainment and player engagement features and an operator focused tool set to drive location play and remotely manage every aspect of the machines. Insider Connected goes live with the launch of GODZILLA, with the full scope of features scheduled for roll out over the next year.

We’ll be doing a special deep dive episode on Godzilla on PinTech LIVE soon, stay tuned for more details!

Our Pintech LIVE series is available on multiple streaming platforms. Subscribe/Follow now to get instant notifications on when we go LIVE!




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SFGE 2021 Recap

by Kim Martinez
Decals decorating the floor pointing the way to our Freeplay room

This year Marco Specialties arrived in Atlanta with a small caravan, armed with volunteers and Marco employees. We immediately set to work, hoisting up the massive pyramid that would be the crowning jewel of the pinball and arcade room. In the span of 10 hours, the empty concrete-floored, cavernous room filled with games, display pieces and booths. By the end of Thursday night, the pinball and arcade free-play area had taken on a life of its own.

The beginning of a long day unloading and organizing trusses

Along with the sprawling assortment of tabletop games, vendors and separate rooms dedicated to several different niche areas (D&D miniature painting, a computer history museum, seminars, and amateur wrestling) there was a separate tournament room where a donated collection of carefully curated machines sat ready for a weekend of tournaments.

Just a small section of the many rows of games available in the Freeplay area

This year, the show-runners took an amazing amount of care in ensuring the health and safety of all who came. Not only for the show-goers, but also those who came as vendors and sponsors.

At Marco Pinball, our aim is to assist the local community and build it up by joining forces with local vendors. For the Southern Fried Gaming Expo we teamed up with Jason Grindle of Classic Game Rooms located in Covington, GA. Classic Game Rooms offers a wide variety of pinball machines, parts, billiards and other items to enhance anyone’s arcade room or business. In our shared space we had a wide variety of Stern Games available, including one Heavy Metal, an armada of Mandalorians and a whole lotta Led Zeppelins. Thanks to Classic Game Rooms we also had a lineup of Hot Wheels (American Pinball) and Guns N’ Roses (Jersey Jack). 

Our pinball lounge along with our setup for one of our Columbia local spots Bang Back

Our space also included our famous pinball lounge with our inflatable couches, a sampling of the Columbia, South Carolina pinball scene (with games provided by Granby, Transmission Arcade, Bang Back) and a special table set up for our Belles and Chimes Cola Chapter.

The Belles and Chimes Cola chapter is a budding and thriving community of womxn, their table set up was manned by Serene B. Serene is a graphic designer whose repertoire boasts t-shirt designs, custom trophies, stickers, key chains and more. The Southern Fried Gaming Expo’s Women’s Tournament was fortunate enough to be able to receive three of her handmade trophies this year.

The artwork on these shirts and logo were designed by none other than Serene

The rest of the pinball and arcade free-play area was filled with rows of candy cabs interlinked with each other, these were provided by Wedoca. There were also plenty of home-brew pinball machines (including an amazing Zelda themed one). The Spooky display showed off their newest titles, Halloween and Ultraman. Project Pinball graciously donated prizes to the Women’s Tournament and raised money throughout the event. Also present were home collections which included a beautifully unique Trident that, I personally, could not stop playing.

Candy Cabs as far as the eye could see

The pinball tournament lineup had an event scheduled for every day of the show, with Progressive Strikes on Friday, Pingolf on Saturday and the Women’s Tournament on Sunday. In the past, SFGE has hosted the Stern Circuit Event: Pinvasion but this year was a little different, with some unique formats. It was absolutely a thrill to be able to play in singular events every day of the show. 

The women’s tournament was a joint effort between Columbia, SC and Atlanta, GA. Brandi, the resident Belles and Chimes director of Atlanta, gathered the sponsors and many of the items we were able to award the players. It was a comfortable setting with donuts and coffee provided, and the tournament went smoothly. 

The weekend went by too quickly for us, as it usually does and many of the games we had at our booth found a home with some lucky Expo goers.

As we say goodbye to another successful year in Atlanta, we thank Player One, LLC (Joel, Dana, Patrick, Preston and Shannon) and the SFGE Troopers for sharing their enthusiasm and bringing attendees another quality show. Please mark your calendars for next years Southern Fried Gaming Expo scheduled for July 15th-17th, 2022 and join us for what we here at Marco consider to be our home-town show.

Tickets are already available for the 2022 show: here

The Marco Family hopes to see you next year!

article by Kim Martinez

MarcoTV Presents PinTech LIVE

by Imoto Arcade

Please join us for our Deep Dive into the Stern Pinball Insider Connected™ platform with George Gomez!

Thursday, October 21st at 3PM ET

Livestream giveaways every 30min during the stream!!


Join us for PinTech LIVE every Thursday at 3PM Eastern

Repairs – Maintenance – Pinball Tech Chat

Our Pintech LIVE series is available on multiple streaming platforms. Subscribe/Follow now to get instant notifications on when we go LIVE!



YOUTUBE LIVE (watch past shows here!)

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Marco TV: Big Picture Pinball Show!

by Imoto Arcade

ANNOUNCING THE BIG PICTURE PINBALL SHOW!!!The Big Picture Pinball Show is a bi-monthly Live streaming interview program for YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. The Show is presented by Marco TV and hosted by filmmakers and pinball enthusiasts, James Moriarty and Imoto Harney. The program highlights people who have been involved in the creation and production of movies with pinball themes. Join us and learn about the journeys these filmmakers have taken into the “world under glass”. Viewers can type their questions in the chat for the Q&A session at the end of the program. A special prize will be awarded to the viewer with the best question.









James E. Moriarty


Moriarty Media

317.581.9126//[email protected]

APPLY NOW!! Pinball Technician Database

by Imoto Arcade

Every day, we have customers that need help with their games beyond their scope of knowledge. We decided to create a “Rolodex” of vetted pinball technicians from around the world, so when our customers ask for repair help, we can send them your way!

Please join our Pinball Technician database, today.


Thank you for keeping pinball alive!

Are you a frequent Marco Pinball customer? You could qualify for a Commercial Account for big savings!

How to Qualify for a Commercial Account:

Spend $3,000/year to receive a 5% discount on all parts for one year.

Spend $5,000/year to receive a 10% discount on all parts for one year.

(Does not include PinScores™ or bulk discount items. Orders must be placed online for discount to apply.)

Commercial Accounts renew annually based on your qualifying date.

For more information, please email us at [email protected].

The Bob-Math-Use Guide to Classic Pinball Machines

by Imoto Arcade

Did you know that Bob Matthews made a comprehensive guide for playing in those “classics” tournaments? This is one of the most valuable compendiums we have ever seen in pinball history when it comes to game rules, details, and tips!! Check it out and cherish it. If Bob’s guide helps you in any way, he is asking for donations to Project Pinball. Happy Flipping! Click “Read More” at the top right

Halloween Shipping Deals!

by Imoto Arcade

Halloween Pinball Party season is here!

BOO-NUS savings for parts this weekend!!

This weekend, Oct 22nd-25th, we are offering a limited time FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING CODE, and $10 OFF INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for orders over $99, so you can get your last minute parts for your Halloween celebrations next weekend!


Free Domestic Shipping

$10 Off International Shipping


Codes are CASE-SENSITIVE, use all caps to activate! Domestic orders receive USPS/FEDEX GROUND shipping. For International orders, input code on International Checkout Page. Offer valid from 10/22-10/25