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by Imoto Arcade

Marco Pinball has one mission: provide pinball machine owners one source for Everything Pinball.

Founded in 1985 and online since 1999, Marco has since grown to offer over 30,000 individual parts for thousands of pinball machines to customers around the world. With thousands of rare parts, large inventories of common parts, industry-leading fulfillment, and trusted customer service, Marco is the central pillar of the global pinball machine community. Customers ranging from first-time pinball machine owners to large pinball arcade operators find everything they need at Marco.

With direct relationships to hundreds of pinball component manufacturers worldwide, Marco parts come directly from the original factory whenever possible. Our dedicated team of purchasing professionals scour the globe for rare parts that are difficult to obtain.

As the pinball community grows around the world, Marco supports the pinball industry by sponsoring dozens of pinball shows, exhibitions, tournaments and other events every year.

Should you buy a NEW Stern Pinball Machine?

by Imoto Arcade

Stern Pinball’s EVP and Chief Creative Officer George Gomez takes us on a behind the scenes look into the SPIKE™ electronics hardware system!

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by Imoto Arcade

Thank you for shopping with Marco Pinball.

We have a wonderful update about our International Shipping Program! Click the link in the Pinball News section to read more.

Please join us on Thursday, October 22nd at 3PM Eastern for PinTech LIVE

You can catch the livestream on twitch at twitch.tv/marcopinball

Happy Flipping!

International Shipping Update

by Imoto Arcade

Fedex Rate Changes: 

We are pleased to announce we have recently expanded our partnership with Fedex and iGlobal delivery services. This results in drastically reduced international shipping charges and includes delivery with all duties and taxes paid. Also, there are expanded express options that can offer shipment directly to your door. This new program is operating in Canada, Australia, and multiple areas of Europe – 200+ countries around the world. Compare your new rates to your old rates!

For faster delivery times, Use “Fedex International Express”.  This option gives you 3-7 day delivery, paid duties and taxes, and full tracking visibility.

Please note, international orders CANNOT be changed once submitted. 

Most orders will be finalized, packed, and shipped the same business day that they are received. Please make sure that your order is accurate before you submit it.

Additions or changes to existing orders are not possible. They will be treated as separate orders and will incur their own shipping fees, duties, and taxes.

The checkout screen has several payment options. Click the green “OUTSIDE THE US CHECKOUT” button. A new page prompts you to select your country. Enter your address. The screen will populate all of your international shipping options.
It’s that easy!

-The Marco Pinball Family

The Bob-Math-Use Guide to Classic Pinball Machines

by Imoto Arcade

Did you know that Bob Matthews made a comprehensive guide for playing in those “classics” tournaments? This is one of the most valuable compendiums we have ever seen in pinball history when it comes to game rules, details, and tips!! Check it out and cherish it. If Bob’s guide helps you in any way, he is asking for donations to Project Pinball. Happy Flipping!

CHECK OUT THE GUIDE HERE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pU8feNz8R9JGuF4QPvixd5Jc4E5jdZa8PsuT9eScIPA/edit

Intro excerpt from Bob:

This guide covers 365 pinball machines made from the late 1960’s through 1985, both Electro-Mechanical and Solid State.  (I treat the release of High Speed in early 1986 as the beginning of the post-Classics era.)  The guide begins with general information about these games and some terminology, then moves on to skills, techniques and strategy.  The main section has game-specific details and advice.

While the guide is essentially complete at this time (July 2020), I will be making improvements to it as time permits.  I’m also going to start adding a “shots to master” item for many games where there are just a few shots that are key to success on them.

The guide is presented free to anyone; if you like it, you can send a donation to Project Pinball (https://projectpinball.org/) and mention me (Bob Matthews).

You can reach me at [email protected]

Photo by pinballnews.com

APPLY NOW!! Pinball Technician Database

by Imoto Arcade

Every day, we have customers that need help with their games beyond their scope of knowledge. We decided to create a “Rolodex” of vetted pinball technicians from around the world, so when our customers ask for repair help, we can send them your way!

Please join our Pinball Technician database, today.


Thank you for keeping pinball alive!

Are you a frequent Marco Pinball customer? You could qualify for a Commercial Account for big savings!

How to Qualify for a Commercial Account:

Spend $3,000/year to receive a 5% discount on all parts for one year.

Spend $5,000/year to receive a 10% discount on all parts for one year.

(Does not include PinScores™ or bulk discount items. Orders must be placed online for discount to apply.)

Commercial Accounts renew annually based on your qualifying date.

For more information, please email us at [email protected].

Buying Your FIRST Pinball Machine

by Imoto Arcade

On Saturday, August 1st, 2020 California Extreme will host Tim Showalter’s presentation on “Buying Your First Pinball Machine.”

Watch it LIVE on Twitch.tv at


Open the twitch link and click “Follow” with “notifications on” to get notified on when they go live!

Marco Pinball presents: Buying Your First Pinball Machine
Presenters: Tim Showalter, TJ Beyer, Kyle Spiteri all skilled pinball aficionados
Moderator: Imoto Harney, Marco Pinball

Join Tim, TJ, and Kyle as they teach us “almost” everything you need to know about buying and owning your first pinball machine!

Besides our presentation, California Extreme plans to have a full day of digital content including other pinball presentations and some remote gameplay of pinball and video arcade machines!!

For more event details: http://www.caextreme.org/ and http://www.caextreme.org/forum/index.php?topic=795.0

Happy PinLabor Day Weekend!

by Imoto Arcade

Work hard and play hard.

Spend Labor Day Weekend with your pinball machines!

This year, Labor Day is Monday, September 7th. From August 26th-30th, we are offering a limited time FREE SHIPPING CODE for orders over $99, so you can enjoy your pinlabor of love during Labor Day Weekend.


This code is valid from Wednesday 8/26 through Sunday 8/30 for domestic ground shipping only. Simply add items to your shopping cart totaling to $99 or more and type PINLABOR into the Coupon Code box. (case-sensitive, use all caps)

The free shipping code will automatically be applied! This link is for purchases made via website only, however if you have any issues please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call 803-957-5500. 

Happy Flipping!

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Free Shipping $99 – National Pinball Day Celebration!

by Imoto Arcade

This week we are celebrating National Pinball Day (August 1st) with a FREE SHIPPING Promo!

This promotion is for Free Domestic Ground Shipping for orders over $99. Add items to your cart, then click the URL below to activate! When you go back to your cart page, you should see the discount applied.

(Offer active: Wednesday, July 29th – Sunday, Aug 2nd.)


original photo by James Hamilton

Do you know the history of National Pinball Day?

Joe Ciaravino started this petition to U.S. Senate

For nearly 100 years the game of pinball has been delighting generations of Americans and the rest of the world. It has been a unique form of American entertainment synonymous with Baseball, Jazz and Hollywood. Pinball not only serves as a reflection of American pop culture, but also of America’s technological innovations throughout the 20th Century. Although its prominence in the public eye has been reduced, it still remains a distinctly American industry, providing thousands of US manufacturing jobs.

Recently inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame by the Strong Museum in Rochester, NY- pinball deserves a national day of recognition.

In the past, pinball had endured many unfair smears and prejudices. Once considered a form of gambling and corruption of the youth, in 1939 it was banned in New York City by then Mayor Fiorello La Guardia. Other cities such as Chicago, Los Angles, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City and many others across the nation soon followed suit.

The ban ended in April 1976 when a star witness for the AMOA – Amusement and Music Operators Association testified before a committee in a Manhattan courtroom that pinball games were to be recognized as a game of skill and were not games of chance.

That man’s name is Roger Sharpe and we propose that National Pinball Day be celebrated on Roger’s birthday every August 1st.

Check out and sign the petition to help make this day “Official” https://www.change.org/p/u-s-senate-national-pinball-day

Happy Birthday, Roger Sharpe and thank you Joe Ciaravino for helping keep pinball alive!

Virtual Expos are Here!

by Imoto Arcade

Many Pinball and Arcade Shows/Expos have turned to “virtual” or “remote” get-togethers for their attendees this year due to not being able to host their weekend events in person.

Check out the Virtual Pinball Events for this weekend, July 10th-12th:

Southern Fried Gaming Expo Virtual

Southern Fried Gaming Expo will be hosting their SFGE Event by providing tons of interesting content and livestreams on their Facebook, Youtube and Discord accounts. More Details about SFGE Virtual: Facebook.com/southernfriedgamingexpo

Northwest Pinball Summer Camp

Northwest Pinball Summer Camp will host a collection of Twitch.tv livestreams and Zoom conference calls with everything from The Ultimate Pinball Gaming Show hosted by Geekgamer.TV to Pinball-themed cooking shows by different pinball community leaders! More details about NW Pinball Summer Camp: Facebook.com/groups/nwpinballsummercamp

Inde-pin-dence Day – Marco News

by Imoto Arcade

We will be closed on Friday, July 3rd. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!

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