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Pinfestival is May 3rd-4th in Allentown, PA.

Golden State Pinball Festival is May 17-19th in Lodi, CA.

Save on shipping fees- we’ll bring your orders to the show! Give us a call at 1-803-957-5500 or email to place your order for Pinfestival Allentown & Golden State Pinball Festival.


• Mon-Fri: 9AM-6PM ET
• Sat-Sun: 9AM-5PM ET


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PinTip: How to Install Leg Levelers on your Pinball Machine

Replace those old rusted leg levelers with new ones! Not only do they look nice, they’ll also help level your machine for the perfect gameplay. Kyle gives us some tips and tricks of the trade to make your leg leveler install easier. — (Coming soon… the PINJACK – “Save your back, use the PINJACK”: — Shop leg levelers at 3″ Standard leg levelers: 2″ leg levelers (for older EMs): Other leg leveler sizes/colors: Don’t forget the jam nuts! 5/8″ standard jam nut: 9/16″ jam nut: Need new legs?:

The Art of LEDs – Warm, Cool, Sunlight Whites

We are excited to partner with Comet Pinball, the leading purveyor of LEDs in pinball machines. Comet Pinball has a massive, and growing, inventory of LED bulbs and matrix units to bring pinball machines to life. Comet Pinball offers three different shades of white: Warm White, Sunlight, and Cool White. Which one is right for your game?  Click “Read More” at the top right for more info.

Coil Substitutions and Equivalents

We get a lot of questions from people asking about coil substitutions.  Let’s preface by saying we always recommend replacing a coil with the same part number as the original. Remember, a weak flipper probably won’t be fixed by replacing the coil with a stronger one, and changing to a non-factory recommended coil can cause damage to plastics, drop targets and ramps. Click “Read More” at the top right for more info.

Learning about EOS Switches in Pinball

The end of stroke switch (EOS) is your pinball flipper assembly’s best friend. The End Of Stroke switch keeps the flipper in check, but it does have a hard job. It gets beat up; many times per game, and eventually, you will need to repair or replace that old end of stroke switch. Which EOS switch do you need, and what is an EOS switch for? Click “Read More” at the top right for more info.