Frequently Asked Questions

Received Order FAQ 

  1. Shipping Damage 

     Please email [email protected] with a description of the damage with pictures of the items and any damage to the packaging.

  1. Missing or Incorrect Items

     Please email [email protected] with a description of the incorrect or missing items, and pictures that include all packing lists, labels and bags of all items received. When opening kits with many small parts, please inventory all items in the bag. 

  1. Small and Fragile Items

     Small and delicate items are often inserted in promotional paperwork to protect them. Check all items in your package (including the package padding) to make sure  there are not nested items inside.

  1. Circuit Boards and Electronic Component Issues 

     Please contact the manufacturer directly with issues regarding circuit boards or electronic items. If the item you purchased does not contain manufacturer contact  information, please contact us at [email protected]

  1. Cloudy Plastic Sets 

     Remove the protective shipping film on both sides of the plastic pieces. 

  1. Multiple Sizes and Multiple Boxes 

     Orders that contain a mixture of fragile and heavy items (glass, legs, backglasses, etc), may be sent in multiple boxes. Each box will have its own tracking number. If you are missing a tracking number on your shipping confirmation email, please contact us at [email protected].


How Marco handles Paypal payments

Marco uses an advanced Paypal payment method called “Order Authorizations” which is similar to how restaurants and gas stations charge your credit card.  When you place an order with Marco, your funds are placed on “hold” for up to 3 days after you submit your order.  In the event of a backorder or other order changes, Marco will only bill the final order amount that ships.  This protects you and also eliminates the need to issue refunds in the event of order changes.  After the 3 day period, even if your order does not ship, your funds are released for your use again.  When Marco tries to ship your order after this 3-day period, and the funds are available, then Marco captures your funds just like a credit card.  If there are insufficient funds available, then Marco’s request for payment will be declined your order will be held. Marco will contact you in this rare scenario.

These order authorizations are good for 29 days after your order, so you may note a “Pending” charge on your account even if your order is complete.  However, these funds are no longer reserved after 3 days.

International Orders: In order to guarantee an exchange rate, international payments are captured upon order completion.


A: Due to the South Dakota vs Wayfair Inc court ruling (, we are required to charge sales tax on shipments to selected states where our business has reached economic nexus. Sales tax is determined by your shipping address. If you have a reseller’s tax exempt ID in your state, please send your certificate and details to [email protected] for verification.

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