International Ordering

10/1/20 – Check out our exciting updates on our International Shipping Policy by clicking here!

ZONOS Stores

We have partnered with a trusted exporting company, Zonos, to fulfill all international orders. Your order will ship from the Marco Specialties warehouse but all quoting and customs declaration is handled by Zonos. All shipments from Zonos ship via Fedex although some shipments may require being handed over to a local carrier for customs transactions or for final delivery.

You can also elect to prepay duties and taxes for a total landed delivery service – no phone calls from the local carrier asking for additional funds! With Zonos Stores checkout, the currency is dependent on the local currency of your selected billing address. All shipping options presented are trackable and you will be emailed a tracking number upon your order shipping.  This service is offered free of charge to you.

To place an international order:

  • Place the items you wish to purchase in our Shopping Cart
  • Click the “Outside the US Checkout” button at the bottom of the checkout screen.
  • Complete the purchase with Zonos Checkout.

Options you will have in the Zonos Checkout:

  • View products prices and totals in your own currency (dependent on billing address)
  • Options to prepay duty and taxes for some shipping options
  • Multiple shipping methods will be presented (dependent on country and contents of order)
  • No subscription or signup fees required

Upon completion of the checkout, please contact us for questions and concerns regarding international shipping, customs, duties, taxes, and shipment tracking numbers.


For International Orders, We do not offer a replacement guarantee, only a money-back guarantee. If items in your order are incorrect or missing, we will process a refund for you through Zonos. Missing items will not be replaced or reshipped, only the value of the items will be refunded to you.

If an order is being shipped to a domestic address to be later shipped internationally, the domestic party needs to inspect the order and report any issues to us prior to it shipping internationally. We are not responsible for any issues once the order is forwarded to its international destination.

Returns for international orders are possible but shipping the item back to us is the responsibility of the customer and will be subject to a restocking fee.

Delivery Time

Marco fulfills most international orders within two business days of receiving the order.  International orders are quoted a delivery window by Zonos prior to checkout.  Rarely, orders may be held in customs for examination – if this is the case either Fedex or local customs will attempt to contact you using the contact information you provided at checkout.  However, we have taken steps and use procedures and documentation that have proven to minimize customs delays.

Duty & VAT

Marco Specialties complies with all international trade regulations. Marco will not alter export documentation. Please do not ask.

Following is some information about Duty and VAT for your particular country.  The FedEx service guide is an excellent resource for up-to-date summarized information about your country.

Often times some orders can avoid duties and taxes by having a subtotal amount under a certain value. This value is called “de minimis” and is different for every country. For a deeper explanation please see this guide written by Zonos.

For a quick guide to tax rates per country, please see this guide written by Zonos.