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The Bob-Math-Use Guide to Classic Pinball Machines

Did you know that Bob Matthews made a comprehensive guide for playing in those “classics” tournaments? This is one of the most valuable compendiums we have ever seen in pinball history when it comes to game rules, details, and tips!! Check it out and cherish it. If Bob’s guide helps you in any way, he is asking for donations to Project Pinball. Happy Flipping! Click “Read More” at the top right

Labor Day Shipping Deals!

Work hard and play hard. Spend Labor Day Weekend with your pinball machines! This year, Labor Day is Monday, September 6th. From August 26th-30th, we are offering a limited time FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING CODE, and $10 OFF INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for orders over $99, so you can enjoy your pinlabor of love during Labor Day Weekend. FOR ORDERS OVER $99: Free Domestic Shipping &  $10 Off International Shipping COUPON CODE: PINLABOR21 Codes are CASE-SENSITIVE, use all caps to activate! Domestic orders receive USPS/FEDEX GROUND shipping. For International orders, input code on International Checkout Page. Offer valid from 8/26/21 – 8/30/21

How to Remove a Playfield – Stern Spike 2

Here is a great tutorial from Charlie Danger of Dead Flip Pinball Streaming showing us how to remove a playfield from a new Stern Pinball game! Removing the playfield is sometimes necessary, do it with confidence and care. Watch the tutorial here! Another great tutorial video from Jack Danger, “Breaking Down a Pinball Machine for Transport: Follow Dead Flip on Youtube for more great tutorials!

TWIPYs Pinball Awards 2020

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2020 season TWIPYs Pinball Awards!! If you missed the show, check it out here: For more in-depth information about the TWIPY Pinball Awards results, check out the article on This Week In Pinball: We are proud sponsors of the TWIPYs, 4 years and counting and can’t wait to do the show LIVE again at the 2022 Texas Pinball Festival!

PinTech LIVE Presents LED ZEPPELIN by Stern Pinball

This Thursday, December 31st, is officially Marco Pinball’s LED ZEPPELIN day!!! We have one of the first NEW Stern Pinball™ Led Zeppelin Pro Pinball machines and can’t wait to unbox it and share it with everyone. Hosts: Imoto Arcade & Kyle Spiteri PINTECH LIVE // 3-5PM EST-Deep Dive overview of all three models with Designer, Steve Ritchie and Lead Programmer, Tim Sexton.-Q&A Session, ask your questions in the chat!-Project Pinball Raffle live drawing for Led Zeppelin LE PT1 at end of show around 5PM Eastern. If PT2 sells out (link below) we will do the live drawing for that raffle read more…

Coil Substitutions and Equivalents

We get a lot of questions from people asking about coil substitutions.  Let’s preface by saying we always recommend replacing a coil with the same part number as the original. Remember, a weak flipper probably won’t be fixed by replacing the coil with a stronger one, and changing to a non-factory recommended coil can cause damage to plastics, drop targets and ramps. Click “Read More” at the top right for more information.

Pinball Power Knowledge Links

An active and growing list of resources to help improve pinball knowledge. Includes information about parts, sizing, images and databases to help you find what you need.  Moll; resource for Williams/Bally parts: Internet Pinball Database – Need to look at a manual? Decent chance IPDB has a .pdf you can look at: WPC Pinball Parts Page: Backglass Sizes by Manufacturer/year: Playfield Glass Sizes by Manufacturer/year: System 11 Pinwiki: Pinball Flyers: Pinball Shooter Spring Cross Reference: Funwithpinball EM repair clinic: Pinwiki – Everything you need to know about pinball is here. All read more…

Learning about EOS Switches in Pinball

The end of stroke switch (EOS) is your pinball flipper assembly’s best friend. The End Of Stroke switch keeps the flipper in check, but it does have a hard job. It gets beat up; many times per game, and eventually, you will need to repair or replace that old end of stroke switch. Which EOS switch do you need, and what is an EOS switch for? Click “Read More” at the top right to read more.

Should you buy a NEW Stern Pinball Machine?

Stern Pinball’s EVP and Chief Creative Officer George Gomez takes us on a behind the scenes look into the SPIKE™ electronics hardware system!

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