Glass playfield bundle


2 piece bundle of standard pinball playfield glass 21 x 43 x 3/16 inches. Includes 2 pieces of standard playfield glass, 1 set of glass corner protectors, and 1 microfiber procloth for all your cleaning needs.
No pane, no game! Always have a spare glass around before you have a surprise shattering.
Standard pinball cabinet tempered playfield glass measures 21 x 43 x 3/16 inch thick and is used on most manufacturer's pinball machines.
We stock all sizes of tempered pinball glass. See the selection under Related Items tab below.
Tempered glass is required on for all pinball machines for safety and excellent game visibility.


  • Williams 08-7028-T / A-08-7028-T
  • Stern 660-5001-00
  • Bally G-409
  • Midway 0360-00921-0000
  • Game Plan 08-10003D
  • Capcom GL00102
  • Allied Leisure 264-8-43
  • Alvin G GLC-004

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