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Houston Arcade Expo 2021 Recap

Listen above to Krystle’s recap of the Houston Arcade Expo, which took place Friday November 12th-14th in Texas. More images and notes are below! The Episode can also be downloaded here: Show Notes: Links –Houston Arcade and Pinball expo –Space City Pinball –Joystix –The Game Preserve -Upkick Pinball -Atari Matt FB As always, you can find us here: Marco, , Youtube, FB Some other great places to play pinball in Houston: -Einsteins -Poison Girl -What’s Brewing

SFGE 2021 Recap

This year Marco Specialties arrived in Atlanta with a small caravan, armed with volunteers and Marco employees. We immediately set to work, hoisting up the massive pyramid that would be the crowning jewel of the pinball and arcade room. In the span of 10 hours, the empty concrete-floored, cavernous room filled with games, display pieces and booths. By the end of Thursday night, the pinball and arcade free-play area had taken on a life of its own. Along with the sprawling assortment of tabletop games, vendors and separate rooms dedicated to several different niche areas (D&D miniature painting, a computer read more…

Learning about EOS Switches in Pinball

The end of stroke switch (EOS) is your pinball flipper assembly’s best friend. The End Of Stroke switch keeps the flipper in check, but it does have a hard job. It gets beat up; many times per game, and eventually, you will need to repair or replace that old end of stroke switch. Which EOS switch do you need, and what is an EOS switch for? Click “Read More” at the top right to read more.