How to Remove a Playfield – Stern Spike 2

by Imoto Arcade

Here is a great tutorial from Charlie Danger of Dead Flip Pinball Streaming showing us how to remove a playfield from a new Stern Pinball game! Removing the playfield is sometimes necessary, do it with confidence and care.

Watch the tutorial here!

Another great tutorial video from Jack Danger, “Breaking Down a Pinball Machine for Transport:

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TWIPYs Pinball Awards 2020

by Imoto Arcade

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2020 season TWIPYs Pinball Awards!!

If you missed the show, check it out here:

For more in-depth information about the TWIPY Pinball Awards results, check out the article on This Week In Pinball:

Best Music and Sound Effects Winner: Guns N’ Roses by Jersey Jack Pinball
Favorite Home Brew Pinball Machine: Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball by Ryan McQuaid
Best Theme: Rick and Morty by Spooky Pinball
Favorite Pinball Location: Logan Arcade, Chicago IL
Favorite Pinball Publication or Article: Guns N Roses Deep Dive by This Week in Pinball
Best Toys and Gimmicks: Guns N’ Roses by Jersey Jack Pinball
Favorite Pinball Virtual Event: Virtual Pinball Expo 2020
Best Theme Integration: Guns N’ Roses by Jersey Jack Pinball
Favorite Pinball Website:
Best Rules: Avengers: Infinity Quest by Stern Pinball
Rookie of the Year: Ken Cromwell from Jersey Jack Pinball
Best Animations and Display: Guns N’ Roses by Jersey Jack Pinball
Favorite Pinball YouTube Channel: Straight Down the Middle: A Pinball Show
Best Callouts: Rick and Morty by Spooky Pinball
Favorite Pinball Mod of 2020: Stranger Things UV Kit by Stern Pinball
Favorite Pinball Streamer: Dead Flip Pinball Streaming
Best Lightshow: Guns N’ Roses by Jersey Jack Pinball
Favorite Pinball Topper of 2019: Rick and Morty Topper by Spooky Pinball
Favorite Pinball Podcast: Kaneda’s Pinball Podcast
Best Artwork: Guns N’ Roses by Jersey Jack Pinball
Best Playfield Gameplay and Layout: Avengers: Infinity Quest by Stern Pinball
Game of the Year: Guns N’ Roses by Jersey Jack Pinball

We are proud sponsors of the TWIPYs, 4 years and counting and can’t wait to do the show LIVE again at the 2022 Texas Pinball Festival!

PinTech LIVE Presents LED ZEPPELIN by Stern Pinball

by Imoto Arcade
This Thursday, December 31st, is officially Marco Pinball’s LED ZEPPELIN day!!!

We have one of the first NEW Stern Pinball™ Led Zeppelin Pro Pinball machines and can’t wait to unbox it and share it with everyone.

Hosts: Imoto Arcade & Kyle Spiteri

-Deep Dive overview of all three models with Designer, Steve Ritchie and Lead Programmer, Tim Sexton.
-Q&A Session, ask your questions in the chat!
-Project Pinball Raffle live drawing for Led Zeppelin LE PT1 at end of show around 5PM Eastern. If PT2 sells out (link below) we will do the live drawing for that raffle too!!
We’ll be giving away raffle tickets to Project Pinball Charity‘s LED ZEPPELIN: LIMITED EDITION raffles as well as other fun Marco & Stern Pinball™ swag during our online event.

TO ENTER: Join in on the stream and look for the link* in the chat box to sign up for the giveaway.
*must be present during the stream to accept your giveaway prize. If you BUY project pinball raffle tickets, you can still win without being present.

Want to increase your odds of winning this awesome game?!

Buy more raffle tickets here:

SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOW your preferred livestream platform to get notified when we go live!

International Shipping Update

by Imoto Arcade

Update Jan 2021: There is a new ~25% Tariff on all USA imports to EU that affects pinball machines and parts purchases. To learn more about how the tariffs affects pinball, check out the Article:

Fedex Rate Changes: 

We are pleased to announce we have recently expanded our partnership with Fedex and iGlobal delivery services. This results in drastically reduced international shipping charges and includes delivery with all duties and taxes paid. Also, there are expanded express options that can offer shipment directly to your door. This new program is operating in Canada, Australia, and multiple areas of Europe – 200+ countries around the world. Compare your new rates to your old rates!

For faster delivery times, Use “Fedex International Express”.  This option gives you 3-7 day delivery, paid duties and taxes, and full tracking visibility.

Please note, international orders CANNOT be changed once submitted. 

Most orders will be finalized, packed, and shipped the same business day that they are received. Please make sure that your order is accurate before you submit it.

Additions or changes to existing orders are not possible. They will be treated as separate orders and will incur their own shipping fees, duties, and taxes.

The checkout screen has several payment options. Click the green “OUTSIDE THE US CHECKOUT” button. A new page prompts you to select your country. Enter your address. The screen will populate all of your international shipping options.
It’s that easy!

-The Marco Pinball Family

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Coil Substitutions and Equivalents

by Steve Midgette

We get a lot of questions from people asking about coil substitutions.  Let’s preface by saying we always recommend replacing a coil with the same part number as the original. Remember, a weak flipper probably won’t be fixed by replacing the coil with a stronger one, and changing to a non-factory recommended coil can cause damage to plastics, drop targets and ramps. Click “Read More” at the top right for more information.

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Pinball Power Knowledge Links

by Imoto Arcade

An active and growing list of resources to help improve pinball knowledge. Includes information about parts, sizing, images and databases to help you find what you need. 

Moll; resource for Williams/Bally parts:

Internet Pinball Database – Need to look at a manual? Decent chance IPDB has a .pdf you can look at:

WPC Pinball Parts Page:

Backglass Sizes by Manufacturer/year:

Playfield Glass Sizes by Manufacturer/year:

System 11 Pinwiki:

Pinball Flyers:

Pinball Shooter Spring Cross Reference:

Funwithpinball EM repair clinic:

Pinwiki – Everything you need to know about pinball is here. All user submitted

Pinrepair – Clay’s great website full of information, if you can digest the walls of text

Public Pinball Forum: 

Slack Forum for Homebrew Developers: 

Coil Cross Reference:

Common Lamp/Bulb Chart:

A Great List of Common Pinball Questions:

Pinball Circuit Board Charts:

Learning about EOS Switches in Pinball

by Imoto Arcade

The end of stroke switch (EOS) is your pinball flipper assembly’s best friend. The End Of Stroke switch keeps the flipper in check, but it does have a hard job. It gets beat up; many times per game, and eventually, you will need to repair or replace that old end of stroke switch.

Which EOS switch do you need, and what is an EOS switch for? Click “Read More” at the top right to read more.

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Should you buy a NEW Stern Pinball Machine?

by Imoto Arcade

Stern Pinball’s EVP and Chief Creative Officer George Gomez takes us on a behind the scenes look into the SPIKE™ electronics hardware system!

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Virtual Expos are Here!

by Imoto Arcade

Many Pinball and Arcade Shows/Expos have turned to “virtual” or “remote” get-togethers for their attendees this year due to not being able to host their weekend events in person.

Check out the Virtual Pinball Events for this weekend, July 10th-12th:

Southern Fried Gaming Expo Virtual

Southern Fried Gaming Expo will be hosting their SFGE Event by providing tons of interesting content and livestreams on their Facebook, Youtube and Discord accounts. More Details about SFGE Virtual:

Northwest Pinball Summer Camp

Northwest Pinball Summer Camp will host a collection of livestreams and Zoom conference calls with everything from The Ultimate Pinball Gaming Show hosted by Geekgamer.TV to Pinball-themed cooking shows by different pinball community leaders! More details about NW Pinball Summer Camp: