Pinball Power Knowledge Links

by Imoto Arcade

An active and growing list of resources to help improve pinball knowledge. Includes information about parts, sizing, images and databases to help you find what you need. 

Moll; resource for Williams/Bally parts:

Internet Pinball Database – Need to look at a manual? Decent chance IPDB has a .pdf you can look at:

WPC Pinball Parts Page:

Backglass Sizes by Manufacturer/year:

Playfield Glass Sizes by Manufacturer/year:

System 11 Pinwiki:

Pinball Flyers:

Pinball Shooter Spring Cross Reference:

Funwithpinball EM repair clinic:

Pinwiki – Everything you need to know about pinball is here. All user submitted

Pinrepair – Clay’s great website full of information, if you can digest the walls of text

Public Pinball Forum: 

Slack Forum for Homebrew Developers: 

Coil Cross Reference:

Common Lamp/Bulb Chart:

A Great List of Common Pinball Questions:

Learning about EOS Switches in Pinball

by Imoto Arcade

The end of stroke switch (EOS) is your pinball flipper assembly’s best friend. The End Of Stroke switch keeps the flipper in check, but it does have a hard job. It gets beat up; many times per game, and eventually, you will need to repair or replace that old end of stroke switch.

Which EOS switch do you need, and what is an EOS switch for? Click “Read More” at the top right to read more.

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Should you buy a NEW Stern Pinball Machine?

by Imoto Arcade

Stern Pinball’s EVP and Chief Creative Officer George Gomez takes us on a behind the scenes look into the SPIKE™ electronics hardware system!

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The Bob-Math-Use Guide to Classic Pinball Machines

by Imoto Arcade

Did you know that Bob Matthews made a comprehensive guide for playing in those “classics” tournaments? This is one of the most valuable compendiums we have ever seen in pinball history when it comes to game rules, details, and tips!! Check it out and cherish it. If Bob’s guide helps you in any way, he is asking for donations to Project Pinball. Happy Flipping! Click “Read More” at the top right


by Imoto Arcade

Please join us on April 22nd at 3PM Eastern for PinTech LIVE

You can catch the livestream on twitch at:

Happy Flipping!

Virtual Expos are Here!

by Imoto Arcade

Many Pinball and Arcade Shows/Expos have turned to “virtual” or “remote” get-togethers for their attendees this year due to not being able to host their weekend events in person.

Check out the Virtual Pinball Events for this weekend, July 10th-12th:

Southern Fried Gaming Expo Virtual

Southern Fried Gaming Expo will be hosting their SFGE Event by providing tons of interesting content and livestreams on their Facebook, Youtube and Discord accounts. More Details about SFGE Virtual:

Northwest Pinball Summer Camp

Northwest Pinball Summer Camp will host a collection of livestreams and Zoom conference calls with everything from The Ultimate Pinball Gaming Show hosted by Geekgamer.TV to Pinball-themed cooking shows by different pinball community leaders! More details about NW Pinball Summer Camp:

Unboxing TMNT – Marco News

by Imoto Arcade

This Thursday 6/25 is officially Marco Pinball’s TURTLES DAY!!!
We have one of the first NEW Stern Pinball™ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pro Pinball and can’t wait to unbox it and share it with everyone.

-Unboxing and Setup Etiquette & Tips
-What’s in the Box overview with special Stern Pinball guest, Lead Mechanical Engineer, Elliot Eismin.
-Gameplay & Development Overview with special Stern Pinball guest, Associate Game Developer, Mike Vinikour.

-Geeking out over the art package with special guest, artist, Zombie Yeti’s Jeremy Packer and Hailey Packer.
-Marco Team LIVE Gameplay!!

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Flat Rate Shipping Rates

by Imoto Arcade

Here are the current rates for our domestic flat rate shipping:

$6.99 USPS First Class (5-10 Business days) *currently up to 20 days*

$9.99 Fedex Ground & USPS priority (3-5 Business Days) *currently up to 10 days*

Current Shipping Status Update – 8/18/20

We apologize in advance for any shipping delays of our products. Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and measures imposed by governments around the world, there are currently unavoidable service impacts on our outbound shipments.

We are currently fully operational from a fulfillment standpoint; however, there may be delays on the delivery service providers’ end.

We are continuing to work diligently to get your pinball parts to you as soon as possible. Please bear with us… and we will continue to update you on our status. Thank you!

The Marco Specialties Family

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PinTech LIVE: Unboxing the NEW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinball!

by Imoto Arcade

This Thursday is officially Marco Pinball’s TURTLES DAY!!!
We have one of the first NEW Stern Pinball™ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pro Pinball and can’t wait to unbox it and share it with everyone.

Hosts: Imoto Arcade & Kyle Spiteri

Sign up here to be added to the drawing list:

-Unboxing and Setup Etiquette & Tips
-What’s in the Box overview with special Stern Pinball guest, Lead Mechanical Engineer, Elliot Eismin.
-Gameplay & Development Overview with special Stern Pinball guest, Associate Game Developer, Mike Vinikour.

-Geeking out over the art package with special guest, artist, Zombie Yeti’s Jeremy Packer and Hailey Packer.
-Marco Team LIVE Gameplay

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Want to increase your chances of winning? Buy more raffle tickets here:

YOU CAN WIN a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pro machine and have it in your house before most people in the entire country!!

We’ll be giving away raffle tickets to Project Pinball Charity‘s TMNT PRO raffle as well as other fun Marco & Stern Pinball swag during our Unboxing the New Stern Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinball online event, sign up now to enter the random drawing by clicking the url link below:

PinTech LIVE – Episode 9 – Troubleshooting Data East Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

by Imoto Arcade

EP009Troubleshooting Data East TMNT

Let’s dive into Data East’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pinball with some live troubleshooting!

3:20 Kyle introduces the DE TMNT pinball machine

4:00 Closeup of TMNT playfield

4:29 Kyle opens the machine and grabs the head key

5:16 inside of the backbox

5:40 some common issues with boards in DE games

6:08 replacing batteries with NVRAM

6:35 burnt connectors are an issue in DE games and why IDC connectors should be replaced with Molex.

7:30 boards should be screwed down.

8:45 batteries might cause corrosion and what happens when you remove batteries and don’t replace with NVRAM

9:25 removing speaker panel and why ground straps are important

9:55 indypins asks about lithium batteries and asks what they should be replaced with

10:40 Kyle removes the battery pack

10:55 TJ Beyer says the PPB is missing a transistor

11:20 using remote battery holders and where to mount them

12:45 indypins asks about ni-cad batteries and Kyle re-iterates that no batteries and NVRAM is better, but as long as you change them it’s probably okay.

13:40 some games have features that won’t work without batteries being present.

13:59 Netreamer gives us a tip on fuses and values

14:15 fuse clips and how to check them (pintip)

16:00 how to correctly power up a used game for the first time.

16:45 past owner hacks that need to be fixed (auto-launch)

17:24 Kyle comments on how the rails are “crunchy” and suggests greasing them

18:20 solid state flipper board and checking fuse clips

19:50 mitchell reeder asks about the function of the cylinder in the bottom cabinet of DE games

20:44 solid state flippers and explains why DE eventually went back to EOS switches

21:20 closer look at the auto-launch mechanism

22:45 Imoto will be back next week!

23:03 why manufacturer’s moved away from compressions springs and went to extension springs

24:00 Kyle tells us about original DE flipper links and suggests changing them for newer style links

25:46 what needs lubing

26:17 what grease to use to fix the “crunchiness”

27:30 what to check right before powering up.

28:30 PinScore DMD and the history of the smaller DMD

29:24 Kyle turns TMNT off and reconnects the coil power

30:14 Kyle explains GI strands (pintip)

32:00 the difference between GI and feature lamps

32:20 how to differentiate between GI strands

33:45 Kyle returns to the loose pop bumper coil and notices a missing screw

35:17 Kyle notices that the sewer upkicker plunger is very sticky and shows us how to lubricate the the pivot point of the mech with zoom spout oil

38:25 Kyle teaches us how important it is to be able to identify screws

41:02 Kyle shows off his hardware box and shows us the difference between a #6 and #8 screw.

42:45 Kyle explains the usage of T-nuts

43:45 Mitchell reeder asks how to remove an old T-nut

44:15 different sizes of screws and where they are used (pintip)

45:00 Steve suggests buying a fastener kit

47:20 Kyle greases the rails and gives us a closeup of the greased rail

48:20 Kyle lowers the playfield and rolls it over the grease

50:00 Kyle removes a hacked screw from the apron. 50:40 “leave everything nicer than it was before”.

51:40 ball service mech, removes the coil (pintip)

55:00 Kyle explains how he made his bent screwdriver

55:48 Kyle applies grease to a screwdriver then the pivot post

56:10 Kyle reinstalls kicker to the service assembly.

57:00 difference between extensions springs and compression spring

58:00 re-installing the ball trough kicker mech.

59:10 Mitchell asks about people using a shorter extension spring and Kyle explains that you shouldn’t have to do that if everything is clean.

1:00:10 NetReamer asks about striker ring on Data East machines.

1:01:15 Kyle gives advice about how to install flipper rubber (PinTip)

1:05:20 Kyle explains the wireform under the apron

1:06:23 Kyle replaces the plastic apron

1:07:24 playfield slide rails are short and it’s possible to pull the playfield off of them. (pintip)

1:08:35 Data East test system.

1:11:01 Rolling_wonder tells us that some EMs have a wireform in the backbox

1:11:45 TJ Beyer tells us that WMS system 11 and earlier have the same diagnostic switch setup as Data East

1:12:16 Kyle continues showing us the DE diagnostic system

1:13:00 flashers aren’t considered lamps but solenoids in the diagnostic menu.

1:13:36 Kyle shows us the ramp flaps and explains that they will need to be replaced due to kinking.

1:15:00 Kyle finds the Data East flasher test

1:16:03 Kyle points out that the DE CPU is very similar to System 11 CPU and explains what each board in the backbox is.

1:20:00 Kyle shows us that the auto-kicker is having issues and explains why it’s needing fixing.

1:21:35 Kyle slam tilts the game after putting two balls into sewer confuses the computer

1:25:29 Kyle finds a loose screw and reminds us that every pinball is broken, you just have to search the issue.

1:26:25 NetReamer gives us the DE part number for the striker ring.

1:27:10 Wrapping up.