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APPLY NOW!! Pinball Technician Database

Every day, we have customers that need help with their games beyond their scope of knowledge. We decided to create a “Rolodex” of vetted pinball technicians from around the world, so when our customers ask for repair help, we can send them your way! Please join our Pinball Technician database, today. CLICK HERE TO APPLY Thank you for keeping pinball alive! — Are you a frequent Marco Pinball customer? You could qualify for a Commercial Account for big savings! How to Qualify for a Commercial Account: Spend $3,000/year to receive a 5% discount on all parts for one year. Spend read more…

Buying Your FIRST Pinball Machine

On Saturday, August 1st, 2020 California Extreme will host Tim Showalter’s presentation on “Buying Your First Pinball Machine.” Watch it LIVE on at Open the twitch link and click “Follow” with “notifications on” to get notified on when they go live! Marco Pinball presents: Buying Your First Pinball MachinePresenters: Tim Showalter, TJ Beyer, Kyle Spiteri all skilled pinball aficionadosModerator: Imoto Harney, Marco PinballJoin Tim, TJ, and Kyle as they teach us “almost” everything you need to know about buying and owning your first pinball machine! Besides our presentation, California Extreme plans to have a full day of digital read more…

PinTech LIVE: Unboxing the NEW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinball!

This Thursday is officially Marco Pinball’s TURTLES DAY!!!We have one of the first NEW Stern Pinball™ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pro Pinball and can’t wait to unbox it and share it with everyone. Hosts: Imoto Arcade & Kyle Spiteri PRIZE GIVEAWAYS EVERY 30 MINUTES DURING LIVESTREAMS!!Sign up here to be added to the drawing list:— PINTECH LIVE // 3-5PM EST-Unboxing and Setup Etiquette & Tips-What’s in the Box overview with special Stern Pinball guest, Lead Mechanical Engineer, Elliot Eismin.-Gameplay & Development Overview with special Stern Pinball guest, Associate Game Developer, Mike Vinikour. MARCO AFTER HOURS // 8-10PM EST-Geeking out over read more…

PinTech LIVE – Episode 9 – Troubleshooting Data East Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

EP009 – Troubleshooting Data East TMNT Let’s dive into Data East’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pinball with some live troubleshooting! 3:20 Kyle introduces the DE TMNT pinball machine 4:00 Closeup of TMNT playfield 4:29 Kyle opens the machine and grabs the head key 5:16 inside of the backbox 5:40 some common issues with boards in DE games 6:08 replacing batteries with NVRAM 6:35 burnt connectors are an issue in DE games and why IDC connectors should be replaced with Molex. 7:30 boards should be screwed down. 8:45 batteries might cause corrosion and what happens when you remove batteries and don’t read more…

In Honor of the Legendary Steve Epstein

We are all so heartbroken to hear the tragic news of Steve Epstein’s passing. He was such a beautiful soul that the entire pinball community cherished. He was a co-founder of all aspects of competitive pinball, and a fun, safe and inclusive pinball community advocate. Steve spent his entire life dedicated to growing pinball, and we will forever be grateful for him. Rest in peace, Steve. His family created a memoir page for him. If you have memories of Steve, please consider posting your story there, so that we can all remember the amazing life he led, and celebrate his life read more…

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PinTech LIVE – Episode 8 – How to Solder

PRODUCTS USED ON EPISODE 8: Soldering Iron: Solder 60/40 Spool: Solder Sucker: Flipper Rebuild Kits: BFKIT88-1L2R – Flipper Rebuild Kit Bally 5/80-11/88 Triple Flipper 4008-01003-04 – Machine Screw 8-32 x 1/4″ p-ph-sems A-3711-4 – Flipper crank Bally linear left A-3711-5 – Flipper crank Bally linear right S-496-217 – Plunger – Bally linear flipper ASW-A20-34 – Switch – flipper EOS 3 blade w/lifter A-613-127 – Coil stop – flipper Bally C-649-53 – Flipper bushing Bally early SP-100-363 – Spring – extension flipper return 20-8790-2 – Nyliner® 5/16 inch bearing read more…

MarcoTV – Episode 7 on PinTech LIVE – Rebuilding Bally Flippers

EP007: PinTech LIVE – Rebuilding Bally Flippers New studio, new gear, new game! Join Kyle Spiteri and Imoto Harney in the new Marco Studio. Today Kyle shows us how to do Bally flipper rebuilds on his Bally-Midway Lady Luck pinball machine.

Learning about EOS Switches in Pinball

The end of stroke switch (EOS) is your pinball flipper assembly’s best friend. The End Of Stroke switch keeps the flipper in check, but it does have a hard job. It gets beat up; many times per game, and eventually, you will need to repair or replace that old end of stroke switch. Which EOS switch do you need, and what is an EOS switch for?

Stern Pinball Announces New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinball

Stern Pinball, Inc announced the newest game to their epic line-up, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pinball! We are currently accepting pre-orders so if you’re interested in picking up this great title, email us at [email protected]