Stern STRANGER THINGS PREMIUM Edition Pinball Machine.

The Stern STRANGER THINGS pinball machine is licensed from Netflix. Game play revolves around the #1 watched, worldwide streamed TV show viewed in 190 countries.

Stern STRANGER THINGS is based on Netflix’s first 2 show seasons, the 3rd season having been recently released. Season 4 will be released next year.

STRANGER THINGS has plenty of what keeps the ball wild – great ramps, spinning and stand up targets, DEMODOG spell out mode, multiple modes derived from Season 1 and Season 2 scenes, various multiballs, STRANGER THINGS upside down feature, and more.

On Premium and Limited Edition models, the target, ramp and other art are replaced with white screen material. STRANGER THINGS uses a video projector to display more show video, instructions, drop target letters on the ramps, targets, playfield screens. This first ever pinball feature provides fantastic effects for a Sci-Fi game based in such a mysterious show.

When the Premium/LE player spells 'WILL RUN!' with the memory reset drop targets, the main ramp descends to expose the more exciting, powered shaking Demogorgon monster.

Additionally, the Premium/LE back panel includes a gravity defying magnetic Telekinetic multiple ball lock. Shoot the left ramp to jump 1 – 2 - 3 balls on to the magnet.

All of this is augmented with Stranger Things show film clips, Stranger Things show theme song, rendered LCD graphics, and speech by actor David Harbour (Police Chief Jim Hopper).


  • 500-55Q3-01

260 lb


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