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LIVESTREAM SCHEDULE – Houston Arcade & Pinball Expo

Tune into our livestream at Houston Arcade & Pinball Expo this weekend!! If you’re at the show, come by the booth to say hello! WATCH IT HERE: FRI 11/12 (CT): 1PM- MARCO TV INTERVIEWS5PM- SHOW WALKTHROUGH8PM- SCOTT DANESI PERFORMANCE SAT 11/13 (CT): 12PM- MARCOTV INTERVIEWS6PM- HOMEBREW PANEL9PM- SHOW WALKTHROUGH SUN 11/14 (CT): 12PM- MARCO TV INTERVIEWS

PinTech LIVE – Episode 9 – Troubleshooting Data East Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

EP009 – Troubleshooting Data East TMNT Let’s dive into Data East’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pinball with some live troubleshooting! 3:20 Kyle introduces the DE TMNT pinball machine 4:00 Closeup of TMNT playfield 4:29 Kyle opens the machine and grabs the head key 5:16 inside of the backbox 5:40 some common issues with boards in DE games 6:08 replacing batteries with NVRAM 6:35 burnt connectors are an issue in DE games and why IDC connectors should be replaced with Molex. 7:30 boards should be screwed down. 8:45 batteries might cause corrosion and what happens when you remove batteries and don’t read more…

MarcoTV Interview with Wally Gorczowski

Wally Gorczowski a.k.a WallyBGood on has been a long time pinball collector and hobbyist. His claim to fame is being the first person to re-build William’s 1997 Medieval Madness from spare parts.

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