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PinTip: How to Install Leg Levelers on your Pinball Machine

Replace those old rusted leg levelers with new ones! Not only do they look nice, they’ll also help level your machine for the perfect gameplay. Kyle gives us some tips and tricks of the trade to make your leg leveler install easier. — (Coming soon… the PINJACK – “Save your back, use the PINJACK”: — Shop leg levelers at 3″ Standard leg levelers: 2″ leg levelers (for older EMs): Other leg leveler sizes/colors: Don’t forget the jam nuts! 5/8″ standard jam nut: 9/16″ jam nut: Need new legs?:


Q: Where are you located, how long have you been around pinball and how long have you been working on games for?A: My name is Pat Choy, and I do full service pinball store – we do tech work, on site repairs – mobile repair service in your home, full restorations – play field swaps / full cabinet restorations and silk screening and installation of decals, and we retail and sell games too. Q: How did you first get into the hobby?A: Bought my first game in 1991, Williams 1980 Black Knight pinball. Hobbyist / collector from 1991 to 1998… read more…

LIVESTREAM SCHEDULE – Houston Arcade & Pinball Expo

Tune into our livestream at Houston Arcade & Pinball Expo this weekend!! If you’re at the show, come by the booth to say hello! WATCH IT HERE: FRI 11/12 (CT): 1PM- MARCO TV INTERVIEWS5PM- SHOW WALKTHROUGH8PM- SCOTT DANESI PERFORMANCE SAT 11/13 (CT): 12PM- MARCOTV INTERVIEWS6PM- HOMEBREW PANEL9PM- SHOW WALKTHROUGH SUN 11/14 (CT): 12PM- MARCO TV INTERVIEWS

PinTech LIVE – Episode 9 – Troubleshooting Data East Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

EP009 – Troubleshooting Data East TMNT Let’s dive into Data East’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pinball with some live troubleshooting! 3:20 Kyle introduces the DE TMNT pinball machine 4:00 Closeup of TMNT playfield 4:29 Kyle opens the machine and grabs the head key 5:16 inside of the backbox 5:40 some common issues with boards in DE games 6:08 replacing batteries with NVRAM 6:35 burnt connectors are an issue in DE games and why IDC connectors should be replaced with Molex. 7:30 boards should be screwed down. 8:45 batteries might cause corrosion and what happens when you remove batteries and don’t read more…

MarcoTV Interview with Wally Gorczowski

Wally Gorczowski a.k.a WallyBGood on has been a long time pinball collector and hobbyist. His claim to fame is being the first person to re-build William’s 1997 Medieval Madness from spare parts.

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