We are Venom. Stern Pinball’s Newest Cornerstone is here!

Get ready to dive headfirst into the action-packed world of Stern’s Venom pinball games! You’ll join forces with Venom, the coolest antihero from the Marvel Universe, and embark on an epic adventure filled with more than 20 incredible characters like Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and even Venomized versions of your favorite superheroes! But beware, Venom’s arch-nemesis Carnage is on the loose, collecting Codices to awaken Knull, the mighty God of the symbiotes. It’s up to you to help Venom battle through a horde of wild symbiotes and infected creatures to save the world from total chaos! Get ready to flip, bounce, and smash your way to victory! Are you ready to stop Carnage and become the ultimate hero?

Choose your host, change the game.

When you play Venom, you will choose between 4 hosts; Eddie Brock, Flash Thompson, Gwen Stacy or Peter Parker. On the Premium/LE model, depending on which character you choose, the playfield mechs will alter and change the shot paths. So, each of the 4 characters will change the game so it’s a new experience each time.

Additionally, each character will have their own soundtrack and style of music, all performed and recorded by Grammy Award Winner, Mark Tremonti. (“With Arms Wide Open” – Creed)

Game Designer: Brian Eddy, who previously designed Stranger Things and The Mandalorian.

Lead Software: Dwight Sullivan, who previously designed the software for The Mandalorian, TMNT, Munsters, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and Game of Thrones.

Game Artist: Zombie Yeti (Jeremy Packer), who previously drew art for Foo Fighters, Godzilla, Avengers, TMNT, Deadpool, Iron Maiden, and Ghostbusters.

Pre-order yours with us today by emailing [email protected] or by calling us at 1-803-957-5500.

We want to help all of our operators, routers, techs and business owners out there on getting you the newest Stern Pro on location fast. Email us to get on our priority list and be among first to receive this new title on location.

Have multiple locations and need multiple games? No problem, let us know:

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As always, No deposit needed, free shipping to your local Fedex Hub or commercial location.

Every new in box game we sell comes with our extended 6 month warranty and is backed by our Marco Specialties team with over 38 years of pinball experience.

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