Godzilla Pinball Accessories by Stern Pinball

Breaking News… Godzilla has been spotted again.

Stern Pinball reveals their new Godzilla Heat Ray Destruction pinball topper! Be the first to get notified when this game altering topper is available for purchase. Join our email list* today!

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godzilla pinball topper


The Godzilla Heat Ray Destruction Topper immerses players in chaotic city destruction with its custom molded Godzilla sculpture and captivating light shows, including the exclusive “King of the Monsters Time Attack” mode.

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godzilla pinball shooter knob


Channel the enchanting power of the Shobijin and invoke the spirit of Mothra with the mesmerizing “Mothra Egg Shooter Knobfor Godzilla pinball.

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godzilla pinball side armor


Unleash the awe-inspiring might of King Ghidorah with the magnificent “King Ghidorah Side Armor,” for Godzilla pinball transforming your pinball machine into an epic battleground for kaiju supremacy!

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godzilla pinball art blades


Dive into a world of colossal battles with the “Godzilla Inside Art Blades,” adorned with captivating artwork by Zombie Yeti showcasing a fearsome lineup of iconic kaiju, bringing the epic clash of monsters to the heart of your pinball machine!

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Watch the video to see these accessories in action!

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