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Our Location of the Month for December is the Bank of Pinball at Terre Haute, Indiana. Priding themselves on being the “newest destination for pinball enthusiasts”, they have an extensive collection of machines that includes some of Stern Pinball’s best and most recent, with something for everyone to enjoy.

They are currently focused on getting as many online-connected machines as possible with Stern’s Insider Connected and Scorbit. Some snacks and soft drinks are available so players can refuel after playing their favorite game.

Q: When did you get into the pinball business?
A: We have operated a LAN center (eBash Game Center) since 2004. I (Shawn Wells) would occasionally set up one or two of my personal machines in there for people to play.

Q: When did you open this location?
A: We opened the Bank of Pinball in December of 2021.

Q: Do you guys run any tournaments or leagues? Can you give us more details?
A: We select random machines for a tournament that lasts for a few weeks and the players that has the highest score on each of those machines gets a small trophy.

Q: Do you have a specific pinball night and what other events/specials do you run?
A: We offer an after-hours special every Friday and Saturday night that starts at 8PM (when the mall closes) and ends at 11PM. All the pinball you can play, for $10.

Q: Do you fix your own games or do you use a local operator/tech?
A: We do our own repairs. I take care of the more technical problems, but a few of our employees are inclined enough that they can handle the small issues.

Q: What’s the last game you brought in and how often do you rotate?
A: We’ve been adding machines fairly regularly. Cactus Canyon just arrived a couple of weeks ago. Toy Story will arrive in the first few days in December and we have a James Bond on order.

Q: What would be your holy grail of a machine?
A: Addams Family. Maybe a Banzai Run.

Q: What do you feel you do for the pinball community or for your local community in general?
A: It has been interesting this past year watching parents come in with their kids and most of those kids just weren’t that interested in pinball. But with us having more modern machines, with current themes, those kids inevitably will give one of those machines a try. Next thing you know, those kids are challenging their parents for the high score on one of the leaderboards. We like to think that we are helping the next generation of pinheads get started.

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