The Art of LEDs – Warm, Cool, Sunlight Whites

We are excited to partner with Comet Pinball, the leading purveyor of LEDs in pinball machines. Comet Pinball has a massive, and growing, inventory of LED bulbs and matrix units to bring pinball machines to life.

Now available on our website:

Comet Pinball’s 2SMD Frosted Lens PREMIUM LEDS in both bayonet & wedge based sockets:

WARM WHITE: Bayonet Base or Wedge Base

SUNLIGHT: Bayonet Base or Wedge Base

COOL WHITE: Bayonet Base or Wedge Base

“You might not know it, but the first question you should ask when putting LEDs into your machine is: which white should I choose?

At Comet Pinball, we have three different shades of white:

Warm White: This is the yellowest white. It’s the closest match to incandescent bulbs. This is best for general illumination (GI) in games with warm colors, like reds, oranges, and yellows. If you love the warmth of incandescent, then Warm White is the way to go. For you true color nerds, our Warm White is approximately 3000-4000 Kelvin.

Natural White (aka Cool White): This is the harshest white. It’s like a stark sheet of paper, and may even feel a little bluish. We recommend this for general illumination in games with colder artwork: blues and blacks. When Stern uses whites in their modern games, they use this color. They’re also commonly used in white inserts of all eras. Our Natural White is 5000-6000 Kelvin.

Sunlight: The color of this bulb falls somewhere between Warm White and Natural White. Sunlight is a great choice for a game with a wide range of colors, or something that isn’t an obvious candidate for Warm White or Natural White. So if you’re not sure which white to get, go with Sunlight. The color range is 4000-5000 Kelvin.

Warm White gives you a traditional/classic feel. The Cool White really pops blues/greens, and the Sunlight LEDs is a great middle ground.


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