Cool White Frosted PREMIUM LED wedge base 555


Introducing, COMET PINBALL's top selling 2SMD (Surface Mounted Diode) Cool White Frosted LED bulb. These top quality bulbs are unrivaled in the industry, with their even brightness, precise color temperature, overall longevity.

These Cool White bulbs are the perfect LED choice for your General Illumination (GI) lighting on any era pinball machine. The even warmth (around 3000-4000K) are a great match for the color out-put by an incandescent bulb, and will keep that classic warm glow the artists on all of your favorite pinball games intended their art to look! The frosted cap on these bulbs, help spread the light evenly, reducing the 'pinpoint' effect from which many cheaper bulbs suffer.

These Cool White bulbs are a perfect LED to accentuate the dark or cooler tones on your pinball game's backglass or throughout the playfield General Illumination. The 5000-6000K color temperature is a perfect stark 'paper white' cool tone and will make blues and blacks in artwork look deep and maintain their darker hues. With the frosted cap on these bulbs, it helps spread the light evenly, reducing the 'pinpoint' effect many cheaper bulbs suffer from.

Did we mention these 2SMD bulbs are a lot brighter than an incandescent bulb? The frosted caps spread the light so well, in some pinball backglass applications you can use 25-50% less lamps to achieve an even, better lit backglass than your old incandescent or lower quality LED's can offer!.

  • Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED's draw significantly less current, run MUCH cooler, and last way longer.
  • These bulbs are Non-Polarized AC/DC, and will function in either an AC or a DC circuit no matter their orientation.

  • 05-555CWF-P

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