GI Update Cable kit for WMS WPC Games


General illumination update cable kit for Williams WPC System games. Includes keyed male and female connectors.

Replacement parts for burnt connectors on WPC games. Replaces Playfield and Insert cables at J120 and J121.

Kit includes:

  • Update cable with Molex Trifurcon™ pins
  • Keyed 11 pin .156 inch spacing header
  • 12 pin Molex .062 inch diameter standard plug and crimping pins
  • 4 Cable ties

Additional tools required! Crimping tool, and a desoldering iron are required.

  • Remove and replace the J120 or J121 header on your driver board. Remove keying pin (pin 4) from the header during install.
  • Cut back burnt playfield or backbox cable, strip wires and crimp on new pins, insert wires into connector to match mating connector on update cable. All wires terminate in the same position, so pin 1 is the same on both connectors, so on.



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