Blue Frosted Non Ghosting PREMIUM LED wedge base 555


COMET PINBALLexcellent 1SMD(Surface Mounted Diode) Blue Frosted Non-Ghosting LED bulb. These top quality bulbs are unrivaled in the industry, with their even brightness, precise color temperature, overall longevity.

These Blue bulbs are Non-Ghosting 1SMD are the perfect replacements for your Feature / Controlled/ Insert lighting. These Non Ghosting bulbs will eliminate the slight glow (or ghosting) that comes along with using standard LED's in pinball games that use a Lamp Matrix! The Combination of the single LED and frosted cap will spread light evenly in the insert without blinding the player or over-lighting the insert, making it difficult to read.

  • Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED's draw significantly less current, run MUCH cooler, and last way longer.
  • These bulbs are Non-Polarized AC/DC, and will function fine in either an AC or a DC circuit no matter their orientation.

  • 05-555BFNG-P

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