PopBlast™ LED ring 70mm bayonet blue



PopBlast™ LED light modules for pinball machine pop bumpers add pizazz to your pinball playfield.

These easy to install LED light boards are an exciting addition to any pinball machine. Fits neatly beneath any 03-8254-XX, 03-9007-XX, 03-7444-X, 13A-12-X series mushroom shape pop bumper cap.

Order #05-PBR555-X (X is your color choice) to replace #555 bulbs and #05-PBR44-X to replace #44 or #47 lamps.

Simply take the pop bumper cap off, remove the old lamp, plug in the PopBlast™ board and experience an enhanced light show from your playfield.

PopBlast™ is a 70mm outer diameter ring with 21 SMD (surface mount device) LEDs mounted to the perimeter that adds flare to any translucent pop bumper cap. The bayonet base plug fits existing bayonet base lamp socket.

The module runs on 6.3 volts AC or DC making it suitable for any manufacturer's machine.

The current consumption of .152 amps and power consumption of .96 watts is about 40% less than a traditional #555 or #44 incandescent bulb

The module measures 70mm in diameter and is about 2mm thick.

The PCB connects to a 555 or 44/47 lamp socket base with appropriate plug and flexible wire.


  • 05-PBR44-B

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