MarcoTV Interview with Wally Gorczowski

Wally Gorczowski a.k.a WallyBGood on has been a long time pinball collector and hobbyist. His claim to fame is being the first person to re-build William’s 1997 Medieval Madness from spare parts.

Wally is known as the Grandfather of this type of custom build and many others all over the world have followed in his footsteps to create their Medieval Madness remakes. Since then he has remade Attack From Mars, Monster Bash, Cactus Canyon 2, and is currently working on a Scared Stiff pinball!

Here is an excerpt from the 2012 Pinball Expo by

“Wally brought his Medieval Madness to Pinball Expo 2012. This Medieval Madness is most unusual because Wally built it from replacement, NOS and re-manufactured parts. To do this, he bought and restored an original Medieval Madness, but kept the replaced parts, bought assorted parts from vendors where they were available, and made those parts he couldn’t find. The cabinet and associated hardware came from a routed NBA Fastbreak, but Wally had to make a large number of the individual parts himself. He told the Expo audience how he made those custom parts, the materials and techniques he used, and how they all turned out. He had no metal working experience prior to undertaking this project, but said he learned how to do it by taking everything slowly.” – (source link)

Here is the seminar audio from

Wally's Medieval Madness
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