In Honor of the Legendary Steve Epstein

We are all so heartbroken to hear the tragic news of Steve Epstein’s passing. He was such a beautiful soul that the entire pinball community cherished. He was a co-founder of all aspects of competitive pinball, and a fun, safe and inclusive pinball community advocate. Steve spent his entire life dedicated to growing pinball, and we will forever be grateful for him. Rest in peace, Steve.

His family created a memoir page for him. If you have memories of Steve, please consider posting your story there, so that we can all remember the amazing life he led, and celebrate his life together.

Pinball Profile also has a great interview with him where Steve talks about his life inspired by pinball:

Steve Epstein watching Roger Sharpe play pinball.
Roger Sharpe watching Steve Epstein play pinball.
Steve Epstein’s contagious smile, joking around with Daniel Spolar. (Project Pinball Charity Group)

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