Restorer of the Month – December 2022

Q: When did you get into actually restoring machines?

A: “I’ve been working on Pinball machines since about 2000, I restored my first game Star Gazer in 2013. I have a background in painting and restoring classic cars, and I thought I could bring the same level to Pinball. So I did, and at first my take on fit and finish was met with optimism, as no one at TPF had seen such work on a machine before.”

Q: What is your current project?

A: “Currently I am working on a Getaway for a very good friend of mine. I have many more games in the line up, but that one is at the forefront right now.”

Q: Do you restore games to sell or to keep?

A: “I restore games for myself, and others to enjoy. I also restore games for other people, friends, and people I meet at TPF that would like me to work on their machine. I’ve restore a Hulk for Lou Ferigno, and helped with a restore of  Joker Poker that Ed Robertson from the Bare Naked Ladies owns.”

Q: What was the hardest restoration you worked on and which one were you most proud of?

A: “While not the most difficult, Star Gazer was the hardest, and the one I am most proud of. It was the hardest, because I was doing things that no one had done before, so there was no map, or blueprint. I learned alot doing that game, and learn more each game I do.”

Q: Do you have any future projects planned?

A: “Plenty of future projects! Meteor, Seawitch, Diner, Fishtales, Bad Cats, Sorcerer just to name a few.”

Q: If someone would like to contact you for restoration/maintenance service, where are you located, what areas do you service and what is your contact information?

A: “I am located in Princeton, Texas. Right now I service in about a 35 mile radius as I do this part time. The plan is to retire from my job in the near future and focus on this full time. People can find me through my website Pinball ERS or email me at [email protected]

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