IRON MAIDEN PRO (Stern SPI) Polyurethane Kit PURPLE


19 piece red polyurethane ring kit for Stern SPI IRON MAIDEN PRO pinball machine.

Includes red polyurethane O-rings, red Super-Band flipper bands, rubber ball shooter tip and playfield placement diagram.

Other color polyurethane bumper kits available upon request.


Modern polyurethane bumpers for pinball machines play better and last longer than traditional pinball rubber. Tested by professional pinball players and commercial operators, polyurethane is proven to reduce maintenance and increase play-ability in all pinball machines. They are engineered to maintain the same rebound, or bounce, as traditional soft 45-durometer rubber that pinball designers and professional players prefer.


Polyurethane is stiffer than rubber and requires slightly more effort to install on flipper bats. Warming the bands in warm water will ease stretching the bands while sliding onto the bat.

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