Super-Bands™ polyurethane ring 3/16 inch ID purple


Super-Bands™ polyurethane O-ring, standard 3/16 inch Inner Diameter, purple gloss.

Inner diameter is .1875 inches (4.7mm) and the cross sectional diameter is standard 3/16 inch (4.7mm).

Super-Bands™ are modern polyurethane rings for pinball machines that play better and last longer than traditional pinball rubber. Tested by professional pinball players and commercial operators, Super-Bands™ are proven to reduce maintenance and increase playability in all pinball machines. Super-Bands™ are carefully engineered to maintain the same rebound, or bounce, of traditional soft 45-durometer rubber that pinball designers and professional players prefer.

Super-Bands™ have many advantages over traditional rubber O rings:

More Durable: Advanced customized polyurethane compound is more resistant to abrasion, ozone, and ultraviolet light than traditional rubber.
Better Control: Super-Bands™ have equal to or better tactile response than standard rubber and allow for great ball control by any skill level player
Vibrant Colors: High-gloss surface with deep translucent colors look great on any game.
Lower Maintenance: Super-Bands™ are less porous and wipe clean with a cloth. They don’t absorb dirt like traditional rubber.

Replaces these factory part numbers


  • Bally 17-41-641
  • Marco 38-0316
  • Midway 0017-00041-0641
  • Sega/Stern/Data East 545-5025-01
  • Williams 23-6641, 23-6641-1

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