Bucket Brigade module SAD4096 replacement


Replacement PI-SAD4096 Bucket Brigade Device satellite board

Replaces the obsolete Reticon SAD4096 component in socket U2 on the Bally AS-2518-81 'Say It Again' module. Includes new screwdriver adjust fine control VOLUME and SPEED potentiometers.

Used in early Bally solid state pinball machines in conjunction with Squawk and Talk sound boards. Also used in early musical instrument analog sound devices.

Used in Bally CENTAUR and CENTAUR II pinball machines. It replaces the very failure prone SAD4096 IC located on the SAY IT AGAIN AS-2518-81 reverb board on the right side panel of the backbox, just at the right of the sound board.

No more reverb (echo) on your Centaur pinball? It's very easy: pull the SAD4096 from its socket and install this board instead!

Designed by Pascal Janin.

Musicians can also use this board to replace the SAD4096 used in classic reverb boxes.

Plug and play: no soldering skills required.


  • FLIPPP-SAD4096
  • SAD-4096
  • E-620-195
  • AS-2518-81 Say It Again Module
  • PI-SAD4096

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