GORGAR (Williams) Fuse kit


Assortment of 6 different value fuses customized for Williams GORGAR.

Each value comes in a 5 pack of fuses for a total of 30 fuses in the kit.

  • MDL-0.25
  • MDL-2.5
  • MDL-4
  • MDL-10
  • AGC-8
  • AGC-20

0.1875 lb

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    • Anonymous Jul 27, 2013


      Generally speaking, I'm happy with this fuse kit that I ordered for my Gorgar. However, you may want to consider the following: 1) This kit does not include any 10A fuses. But, there is at least one 10A fuse on the machine - on the power supply board (fuse F4 for the flippers). 2) Depending on the info you review, the snake pit magnet circuit includes either an 8A fuse (Gorgar schematics), or a 10A fuse (decal on my machine, under the playfield). 3) Depending on the info you review, the 117V line fuse is either 7.5A (Gorgar schematics), or 8A (decal on my machine, inside the cabinet). 4) Based on the line fuse decal on my machine, there does not appear to be any need for the 7A S.B. fuses included in the kit (I used an 8A line fuse).

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