Flipper rebuild kit Bally 5/80-11/88


Flipper Rebuild kit includes all mechanical components for Bally pinball machine left and right side linear style flipper assemblies on games manufactured from May 1980 through November 1988.

These linear style flipper assemblies have no fiber links connecting the coil plunger to the crank as do conventional flipper mechanisms.

Rebuilds Bally ASE-1587-111 (right side) and ASE-1587-112 (left side) flipper assemblies.

Note: This kit does not include secondary EOS switches for games with upper flippers. Order ASW-A10-45 separately.


  • BFKIT88
  • ASE-1587-111 right side flipper assembly
  • ASE-1587-112 left side flipper assembly
  • AC70-00022-0200 left side single switch flipper assembly
  • AC70-00023-0100 right side double switch flipper assembly
  • AC70-00023-0200 left side double switch flipper
  • 1988-11 TRUCKSTOP (*upper flippers only - use WFLKIT for lower flippers)

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