CPU board Zaccaria G1


New 1B1110/evo CPU (central processing unit) board assembly for Zaccaria G1 System pinball machines.

Includes new, innovative features not found on the original Zaccaria boards:

  • Modern, easily available components
  • Replaces obsolete 3081 IC with new technology components
  • Embedded flash ROM with FREE PLAY game roms
  • One board operates on all G1 Zaccaria pinball machines without replacing the eproms
  • Easily select the game ROM using a dip switch
  • Compatible also with the old eproms
  • Socketed ICs for easy diagnostics and repair
  • Status LEDs for quick diagnostic
  • Battery support for button cell CR2450
  • Option installation of non-volatile type Cypress FM16W08 NVRAM
  • Original position connection headers for compatibility with original cabling
  • Plug & Play installation - remove the old board, position and connect the new 1B1110/evo


  • 1B1110
  • 1B1110/0
  • 1B1110/1
  • 1B1110/1a

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