Second in the series of "This Old Pinball" videos entitled "HARDBALL IN DETROIT". It covers VINTAGE EM (Electromechanical) BASEBALL Pitch and Bat games.

Shaggy and Norm present this 2 hour, zero budget production that gives new meaning to 'reality TV'. It contains priceless tips, tricks, and traps for the novice and experienced coin op game collector. Includes sections on mechanical, electrical, and cosmetic repair and restoration. Available in DVD format only.

Profits from this series of videos go to the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, NV.

Your disc is hand titled by world famous pinball curator Tim Arnold, Ringmaster of the Pinball Hall of Fame.

Which other DVDs Should I Buy?:

  • If repairing or restoring 1990 and newer pinball games, TOP#3, TOP#4 and TOP#7 are good choices (the material covers most 1990s pinball games).

  • If repairing or restoring older EM (Electro-Mechanical) games from the 1950s to 1970s, TOP#1, TOP#2, TOP#6 and TOP#8
    are best.

    (note TOP#2, TOP#6 and TOP#8 are basically general EM game repair and restoration).

  • For 1980s solid state machines, TOP#5.1 & TOP#5.2 are well suited.

Reviews of the "This Old Pinball" (TOP) Videos:

The TOP#5.1 & TOP#5.2 video was reviewed in the April 2002 #91 issue of Pingame Journal:

"This Old Pinball is at it AGAIN!", and in the May 2002 Gameroom magazine: "You get more than you deserve for the pittance they charge for BOTH videos."

The TOP#4 video was reviewed in the Summer 2001 Pingame Journal #85/86: "After watching this dynamic duo work their way through the process ... one may think, 'If these two can do it without having parts left over, so can I!'"

The TOP#3 video was reviewed in the July 2001 Gameroom Magazine: "I URGE YOU to get a copy of this video NOW... This thing ought to have a $50 price tag. And it would still be cheap."

The TOP#2 video was reviewed in the September 2001 Gameroom Magazine: "I think they're absolutely friggin' crazy for selling their videos at six dollar each including shipping... Get the video. You must own it."

The TOP#1 video was reviewed in the May 2001 Gameroom Magazine: "In truth these are a couple of serious guys who hobbiests would be wise to observe as they offer sound restoration advice and practices... and all through their deliberate wisecracks and dim witted observations, the viewer will come away with a mile high pile of restoration techniques and expertice that is rarely available under one roof. From polishing and buffing, to playfield strip down, to pop bumper assembly rebuilding, to cabinet repainting, to parts tumbling - it is an absolute goldmine."

The Pingame Journal also reviewed the new & improved TOP#1 in the June 2002 issue: "TOP #1 never looked so good!"

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