PINSCORE Display 7 Digit Bally / Stern


PinScore Premium Pinball LED Displays

New PinScore™ Display systems for pinball machines and shuffle alleys are efficient, economical and easy to install. Brilliant design makes old high-voltage glass displays obsolete.

  • Plug & Play installation - no soldering or modifications required
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Beautiful black matte finish retains factory appearance
  • Crisp illumination in original color and fonts
  • Lowest power consumption of any display on the market - No overloaded game power supplies
  • No high voltage or extra power supplies required
  • Includes light shields and mounting hardware.
  • 2 year warranty
  • Made in USA

This PinScore Model PS-2518-58 replaces the original 7 digit display module Bally part #AS-2518-58 and Stern A-645. This model features matched orange LEDs for restoring your machine to a factory look.


  • AS-2518-58
  • A-645


PinScore 6- & 7-digit display modules are a Plug & Play replacement for each plasma module. Reference the chart below for the number and type of modules needed for your machine. For most games, PinScore combo kits are available that include the correct quantity and type of PinScore modules used by your machine.

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