CAPERSVILLE (Bally) Pop bumper cap set (3)


1975 Bally CAPERSVILLE pinball machine 3 piece pop bumper cap set.

Installation Tip:
Change pop bumper cap lamps to LEDs even if you don't choose to use LEDs elsewhere in your machine. This will prevent the pop bumper caps from incandescent lamp burn as the lamps age and overheat. A warm white LED (see related items below) is a perfect substitute for any pop bumper incandescent lamp.

This item has some visual imperfections from the manufacturing process. They do not affect it's performance and are fine for most applications but if you are a picky collector, this item might not be acceptable to you. Any returns will be assessed shipping and restocking fees.


  • 16531-YW
  • 16531-GW
  • 16531-RW

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