Flipper base plate - linear flipper


Linear flipper base plate used in 1980's Bally flipper assemblies.
Used in flipper assembly ASE-1587-112 and ASE-1587-111. The same base is used for both assemblies.
Holes are tapped and designed for use with 8-32 screws. Later games (around 1983-1984) used #10-32 coil stops screws which are stronger and break less, but it is important to note that these brackets are tapped for 10-32 on the coil stop end!
For use on Bally games with linear flippers starting with ROLLING STONES until TRUCK STOP. Also used in ball release and ball saver assemblies.
Please note; this bracket is not compatible with CENTAUR and CENTAUR II pinball machines. The correct bracket for those games can be found here.


  • P-6264-134 flipper bracket
  • 0365-00101-00XF flipper mounting bracket
  • ASE-1587-112 flipper assembly
  • ASE-1587-111 flipper assembly
  • ASE-1587-102 flipper assembly right
  • ASE-1587-101 flipper assembly left
  • AA40-00027-0000 ball channel assembly
  • AE94-00040-0000 ball saver assembly left
  • AE94-00041-0000 ball saver assembly right
  • AH01-00027-0000 multiball kicker assembly
  • AC70-00022-0200 flipper assembly single switch left
  • AC70-00022-0100 flipper assembly single switch right
  • AC70-00023-0100 flipper assembly double switch right
  • AC70-00023-0200 flipper assembly double switch left
  • ASE-1587-101
  • ASE-1587-102

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