FUSE - SLOW BLOW 12 amp (6.3mm x 32mm)


FUSE - SLOW BLOW 12 amp 32 V (6.3x32mm) - Box of 5

All slow blow (standard type) fuses have the following electrical characteristics:

210%200 sec. min./10 sec. max.
400%40 ms. min./3 sec. max.
1000%10 ms. min./300 ms. max.

The voltage rating on fuses is the maximum voltage at which a fuse is designed to operate. Exceeding the voltage rating of a fuse impairs its ability to clear an overload or short circuit safely. A fuse may be used at any voltage below the fuse voltage rating; a 250V fuse may be used in 125V circuits. 250 volt fuses exceed all pinball machine operating requirements.
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