METALLICA (Stern) Hole guard


Stern METALLICA pinball machine MYSTERY hole protector.

Prevents long-term playfield wear around plywood penetrations.


  • HG-40

Mystery Hole Protector Installation Instructions:

Tools required:

  • 1/4 inch Nut Driver

1. With the machine powered off, unplug the power cord
2. Open the coin door and remove the lockdown bar
3. Carefully slide the glass out and place it in a safe location
4. Remove all four balls from ball trough
5. Lift playfield into the vertical position ensuring the playfield is secure at all times
6. Locate the Vertical Up Kicker (VUK) and remove the 3 screws holding it in place
7. Remove the VUK and secure it to obtain access to the "Mystery" hole.
8. Install the protector by aligning the screw holes
9. Re-install the VUK, line up screw holes and re-install the three screws.
10. Carefully lower the playfield back into place
11. Re-install all four balls back into the ball trough
12. Re-install the glass and lockdown bar

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