TWILIGHT ZONE (Bally) Hole Guard set (7)


The world renowned pinball playfield protectors from Cliffy’s™ Pinball Innovations are a great way to mitigate imperfections on well loved games, or prevent damage on new games! Using a proprietary mix of great engineering, and very hard, but super thin metal, the creative minds at Cliffy’s™ Pinball Innovations have created hundreds of protectors over the years to protect your pinball games vulnerable areas.

7 piece Hole Guard™ protector set for Bally TWILIGHT ZONE pinball machine.


  • Power Mini playfield protector (2)
  • Gumball protector
  • Slot machine scoop protector
  • Outhole drain protector
  • Shooter eject protector
  • Rocket slot guide

    HOLE GUARDS™ are the parts the factory forgot! Designed to prevent and conceal existing wear around playfield penetrations and eliminate wood chipping and flaking. Protects playfield penetrations and edges from damage from long term, repeated ball impacts.

    Metal forms and hardware are custom designed for each game and are easily installed on outholes, ramps, and other high ball traffic areas.


    • HG-1821

1.6 oz


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