CD-ROM GAMEROOM Magazine Archive Vol 6

1994 complete production GameRoom Magazine, restored and preserved in Adobe PDF format, with an integrated browser, all on one CD! It's the perfect way to complete your GameRoom Magazine collection, and the ultimate GameRoom reference tool: all the reviews, news, restorations, interviews, and more -- just a mouse click away!

January 1994, Volume 6 - Number 1
  • Four Rare Matching Jukebox Speakers by Wayne Kline
  • The View from Baltimore by Ira M. Wexler
  • Give Me A Break by Ray Eklund
  • Fabulous Fantasies by Herb Silvers: Bill Cowles
  • 1993 Pinball Expo

    February 1994, Volume 6 - Number 2
  • Muddy River Trading Coca-Cola Auction by Randy Feldman
  • Auction Versus Shows...and the Individual Collector by Brad Hunter
  • Chicagoland Adventure by Wayne Kline

    March 1994, Volume 6 - Number 3
  • Fabulous Fantasies by Herb Silvers: R&J's Diner
  • Atlanta Nostalgia Gameroom Show
  • The Year That Could Have Ended Pinball by Russ Jensen
  • Dixieland Extravaganza by David Brenner

    April 1994, Volume 6 - Number 4
  • The Artistic World of Picture Records by Michelle Pollitt
  • Troubleshooting Electronic Pinball Games by Joel Cook
  • Coin-Oops By Knarr
  • Inductance for the Practical Juke Box Man by Mike Zuccaro
  • The 1994 West Coast Super Coin Show by Herb Silvers

    May 1994, Volume 6 - Number 5
  • Instructions for Repair of Burnt Connectors on Bally Pinballs
  • Wired Music Systems of the 40's by David Brenner
  • The Rise and Fall of Coin-Op Shows by Ray Eklund

    June 1994, Volume 6 - Number 6
  • Williams' Rainbow by John Osborne
  • Ballyhoo by Russ Jensen
  • Chicagoland 1994
  • Fabulous Fantasies by Herb Silvers: Bob Jarm

    July 1994, Volume 6 - Number 7
  • 7th Annual Pinathon by Herb Silvers
  • Opportunities Auction Report
  • How To Troubleshoot a Non-Working Bally CPU Board
  • Wild West Pinfest by Jim Tolbert

    August 1994, Volume 6 - Number 8
  • From the Drawing Board of Tom Higgins
  • Philadelphia Gameroom Show by Robert Yost
  • Collectible Titlestrips by Wayne Kline
  • Mesa, Arizona Wild West Auction Sets New Records by William Manns
  • The Complete History of the Early Bally Power Supply by Tom Callahan

    September 1994, Volume 6 - Number 9
  • There's More to Pinball Than Meets the Eye by Dick Bueschel
  • Pinball Corner by Herb Silvers
  • Pinball Wizards Convention 1994 by Denise Hein
  • Contact! Pinball Goes Electric by Russ Jensen

    October 1994, Volume 6 - Number 10
  • Odd-Ball Jukes by Wayne Kline
  • Off The Shelf by Victor Zummo
  • Pinball Corner with Bill Kurtz
  • Pinball Happenings: Coast to Coast Pinball Shows by Herb Silvers
  • Pinball Show '94 by Jim Tolbert

    November 1994, Volume 6 - Number 11
  • Fabulous Fantasies by Herb Silver: Terry Ann and Robert Brown
  • Pinball Corner by Bill Kurtz
  • Bally MPU Part 1 by Tom Callahan
  • Remebering Rocco by Anthony Spataro
  • Coin-Oops by Knarr
  • Coca-Cola Price Guides Hit Market with Knock-Out Punch by Randy Feldman

    December 1994, Volume 6 - Number 12
  • Memories and Images by Victor Zummo
  • Atlanta Gameroom Show by Ben Humphries
  • The Collectible Gameroom Shows on Tour by Herb Silvers
  • Miniature Slots are Casino Collectibles by Dick Bueschel
  • Bally's Skipper by Russ Jensen
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