Bally Electronic Pinball Repair Procedures


3rd revision 80 page factory repair manual #FO-560-2 for the very popular BALLY (and STERN) electronic coin-op games made from 1977 through 1980. Good condition.

Contains two sections of troubleshooting instructions for isolating problems to both the module and component level. Includes pictorial guide and parts lists (but not schematic diagrams) of all major electronic assemblies. Also includes Theory of Operation & Troubleshooting section for BALLY sound modules.

These books were shipped in every new BALLY machine made in this era, but most seem to have disappeared just when you need them most. A useful document for taking care of your 77-80 BALLY or STERN electronic pinball machine.


  • FO-560
  • FO-560-1
  • FO-560-2
  • FO-560-3
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