SOUTH PARK (Sega) EPROM Profanity Pack


SOUTH PARK pinball SPECIAL! EPROM PROFANITY PACK - save $21.00 over individual EPROMs.

Sega SOUTH PARK pinball machine firmware revision .9 contains the risque pre-production release of the game software. Includes additional adult language and dot matrix graphics that were removed to allow the machine release to a general audience.

The set includes the following EPROMS:

  • EPROM2329 U210 Game version .9
  • EPROM2330 ROM 0 Display version .9
  • EPROM2331 U17 Voice version .9
  • EPROM2332 U21 Voice version .9
  • EPROM2333 U36 Voice version .9
  • EPROM2334 U37 Voice version .9
  • EPROM2335 U7 Sound version .9

Stern Service Bulletin 150 PDF


  • EPROM2869

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