LORD OF THE RINGS (Stern) German Display U5 EPROM G10.0


German Display EPROM U5 G10.0 for Stern LORD OF THE RINGS pinball.

LORD OF THE RINGS uses the following EPROMS:

  • Game (English) U210 A10.00
  • Game (Spanish) U210 L10.00
  • Display (English) U5 A10.00
  • Display (French) U5 F10.00
  • Display (German) U5* G10.00
  • Display (Italian) U5 I10.00
  • Display (Spanish) U5 L10.00
  • Sound U7 1.01
  • Sound U17 1.00
  • Sound U21 1.00
  • Sound U36 1.00
  • Sound U37 1.00

* U5 is located on the Display Controller PCB behind the Dot Matrix Display.

Stern Service Bulletin 150 PDF


  • EPROM1875


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