LORD OF THE RINGS (Stern) English Display U5 EPROM A10.0


English Display U5 EPROM A10.0 for Stern LORD OF THE RINGS pinball.

U5 is located on the Display Controller PCB behind the Dot Matrix Display.

LORD OF THE RINGS uses the following EPROMS:

  • Game (English) U210 A10.00
  • Game (Spanish) U210 L10.00
  • Display (English) U5 A10.00
  • Display (French) U5 F10.00
  • Display (German) U5 G10.00
  • Display (Italian) U5 I10.00
  • Display (Spanish) U5 L10.00
  • Sound U7 1.01
  • Sound U17 1.00
  • Sound U21 1.00
  • Sound U36 1.00
  • Sound U37 1.00

Stern Service Bulletin 150 PDF


  • EPROM1873
  • Stern 965-0407-80


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