BLACK KNIGHT 2000 (Williams) Aux power driver board


Williams BLACK KNIGHT 2000 pinball machine Auxiliary Power Driver Unit board.

Drop in replacement for Williams and Bally pinball machines using the System 11B Auxiliary Driver board. This board replaces original part number D-11813-XXX and D-12247.

New board features include:

  • Plug and Play replacement
  • LED lights for fuse and power supply checks shows status for all fuses on the board.
  • Thicker circuit board for greater mechanical stability
  • Heatsinks added to bridge rectifiers for cooler operation
  • High quality 105° C capacitors for longer life


  • D-12247-563 assembly
  • 5760-12184-00 pcb
  • 5580-09555-01 relay
  • 5017-12180-00 varistor VR1 100 volts
  • 5017-09064-00 varistor VR2 47 volts

1.3 lb


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