Target decal - round Gottlieb red/white/blue bullseye


Target decal with red,white, blue bullseye design target face for Gottlieb electromechanical pinball machines.


  • A-4773 target red-white-blue small
  • A-5868 target red-white-blue no pin
  • A-5777 target white rabbit with red background
  • A-5976 target green duck white white background
  • A-6580 target black 100 Points with white background
  • A-6694 target split red & white
  • A-7027 target sun burst in red & white
  • A-7083 taregt red bullseye with white background
  • A-7085 target black bullseye with white background
  • A-7087 target red bullseye with yellow background
  • A-7107 target red-white-blue
  • A-8049 target fan design in red & white
  • A-8345 target red
  • A-8590 target white with black clown
  • A-8664 target red with blue/yellow beach ball

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