Flipper plate assembly Bally


Late electromechanical and early solid state Bally flipper mounting plate. Used for left or right side.

Last game to use this plate was Bally SPACE INVADERS pinball machine.

Includes the EOS (End Of Stroke) switch bracket and plunger stop bracket installed in a right side mounting configuration. They are attached with #8-32 thread cutting screws. Components may be swapped to other side for left playfield mounting. Holes are untapped and can be tapped with thread cutting screws before installation.

Flipper bases for the P-6264-134 linear flipper and the traditional 'crank' style flippers are the same. The A-613-41 part number stopped with the late 1979 parts catalog The later part number P-6264-134, started with the 1980 Catalog.


  • A-613-41
  • 0365-00101-00XF
  • ASE-1587-101 left flipper assembly
  • ASE-1587-102 right flipper assembly

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