CORVETTE (Bally) Track op (2) board set


Bally CORVETTE pinball machine 2 piece racetrack opto board set upgrade kit.

The set includes a new racetrack opto encoder board (A-18222) and a new track limit opto board (A-18221).

This new design board set has a number of significant advances:

  • New buffered optos are no longer directly connected to the switch matrix.
  • Lower current consumption and less heat, for longer life.


  • A-18821 assembly
  • A-19606 assembly
  • 5768-14142-02 board

Track Encoder Board

  • A-18822
  • 5160-10269-00 (2) transistor 2N3904 npn
  • 5490-14327-00 (2) ic opto integrated with Schmidt trigger
  • 5791-13830-06 (1) 6h str sq pin .100 solid tab

1.2 oz

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Product Discontinued

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