Pin-Buddy™ Game Saver Cantraption™ 180°


Your turn to flip the silverball and nowhere to rest your drink? Hand it to your Pin-Buddy™!

The Pin-Buddy™ Cantraption™ accommodates any size and composition drink container and nestles steadfastly and comfortably on your favorite pinball and arcade machine.

The 180° reversible bracket fastens to either side of any pinball or arcade machine coin door and creates a unique crib for cups, glasses, bottles, or cans of whatever lubricates your larynx. Uses existing leg bolts for mounting. Remove 2 phillips screws for easy cup cleaning.

This rugged ABS plastic beverage butler provides sip support for the seismic side effects of shivering machine situations from sloshing sloppy squirts of spilled soda, shakes, suds, sangria, sarsaparilla, Seagrams, or other satiating solutions surrounding your sensational silverball spectacle from saturating your pinball system.

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  • 77-PBY-GSK45 for pinball machines 45° mounting bracket.
  • 77-PBY-GSK180 for video game or arcade machine coin door flush mounting.

7 oz


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