REFURBISHED - Coin door assembly Stern SPIKE System


REFURBISHED Stern SPIKE System style pinball machine coin door includes frame, coin mech holders, coin switches, coin slot lamps and lamp sockets, wire harness, lock and keys.

As a refurbished part there may be minor wear, including witness marks and minor storage wear. These doors are in overall like new condition.

Coin mechanisms are not included.

Standard OEM (original equipment manufacturer) two-slot replacement coin door for new Stern SPIKE System pinball machines.

Includes frame, 4 button service switch assembly, lock and keys, slam-tilt switch, coin mechanism mounting brackets and wiring harness.

Coin mechanisms not included but available separately below.

If you would also like new hardware for your door, the following is what was used to attach the door to the cabinet:

  • Qty 4 231-5003-00 Carriage bolt - 1/4-20 x 1 - 1/4" (4320-1123-20B)
  • Qty 4 4420-01141-00 Nut - 1/4-20 serrated flanged nut
  • Qty 4 4700-00041-00 Washer - .312 x .750 x .06.

    • 501-5018-173

    Instructions for mounting optional upstacker bill validators:

    This coin door will accommodate the following manufacturers' bill validators:

    • MEI model Series 2000 upstacker
    • ICT model A6, S6, PAT Series upstackerr
    • Pyramid model APEX 5000-U, XLC 5000-U series upstacker


    1. Remove 2 bottom hex nuts (E & F) from bottom studs and remove 2 white spacers (retain both for later use)
    2. Remove 2 hex nuts (C & D) from middle studs
    3. Remove the blanking plate from the door
    4. Place the 2 white spacers removed in step #1 over the 2 long studs at the bottom of the door (E & F)
    5. Remove the 2 top hex nuts (A & B) from top long studs and keep the existing 2 white spacers on the 2 long studs (A & B)
    6. Place the upstacker bill validator over the 4 studs with spacers on them (A, B, E & F)
    7. Place ground wire coming from the bill validator unit on the ground stud
    8. Secure hex nuts (A, B, E & F) removed in steps #1 and #2
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