Coin door assembly Stern/Sega/


Stern / Sega Whitestar System style pinball machine coin door includes frame, coin mech holders, coin switches, coin slot lamps and lamp sockets, lock and keys. 3 button service switch.

Coin mechanisms are not included.

Standard OEM (original equipment manufacturer) two-slot replacement coin door for Stern Whitestar System pinball machines.

Includes frame, 3 button service switch assembly, lock and keys, slam-tilt switch, coin mechanism mounting brackets and wiring harness.

Coin mechanisms not included but available separately.

Door is secured to cabinet by: 1/4-20 x 1-1/4 inch square neck carriage bolt (Qty. 4) (231-5003-00) and 1/4-20 flange nut (Qty. 4) with (240-5300-00) fender washers 1/4" I.D. x 1" O.D. (Qty. 3)


  • 500-5018-172

Instructions for mounting optional upstacker bill validators:

This coin door will accommodate the following manufacturers' bill validators:

  • MEI model Series 2000 upstacker
  • ICT model A6, S6, PAT Series upstackerr
  • Pyramid model APEX 5000-U, XLC 5000-U series upstacker


1. Remove 2 bottom hex nuts (E & F) from bottom studs and remove 2 white spacers (retain both for later use) 2. Remove 2 hex nuts (C & D) from middle studs 3. Remove the blanking plate from the door 4. Place the 2 white spacers removed in step #1 over the 2 long studs at the bottom of the door (E & F) 5. Remove the 2 top hex nuts (A & B) from top long studs and keep the existing 2 white spacers on the 2 long studs (A & B) 6. Place the upstacker bill validator over the 4 studs with spacers on them (A, B, E & F) 7. Place ground wire coming from the bill validator unit on the ground stud 8. Secure hex nuts (A, B, E & F) removed in steps #1 and #2

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