Flipper rebuild kit Data East/Sega 8/93 - 7/95


All-new replacement flipper rebuild kit is the answer for sticky, sluggish, weak, or dead flippers.

Flipper rebuild kit for Data East and early Sega Pinball 8/93 - 7/95. For games with electronically controlled flippers WITH End-of-Stroke (EOS) switches.

Used in Data East Solid State flipper games with TY-FFASI controller boards starting with August 1993 LAST ACTION HERO through Sega Pinball games: MAVERICK (1994), MARY SHELLEY'S FRANKENSTEIN (1994-95), BAYWATCH (1995) and some BATMAN FOREVER (early production 1995) machines.

Metal replacement parts in the kit are zinc plated to conform with RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) legislation. Your original metal components may have a brass colored anodized finish that contains lead.

The factory recommends replacing flipper components every half-million flips* to keep your flippers performing to specification.

*Use the diagnostic menu in your game under STANDARD ADJUSTMENTS to access the flipper count meters.


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