Flipper gauge


Flipper adjustment feeler gauge.

Are your flipper shafts properly adjusted? This plastic feeler gauge is used to adjust the gap between the flipper shaft and bushing to 0.03 inches on Bally / Williams flipper assemblies.

Incorrectly adjusted flipper shafts can prematurely wear out bushings and reduce ball control.

Durable polystyrene feeler gauge has hole for key ring.


  • Raise the playfield
  • Slip the prongs of the gauge between the flipper bushing and the flipper crank assembly.
  • Loosen the flipper crank assembly and adjust it such that the gauge can smoothly slide around the shaft.
    • If the gauge snags, the crank assembly is too tight
    • If the gauge has too much space, the crank assembly is too loose.


  • 03-8194

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