SLUGFEST (Williams) Target face set


Fiberboard target faces with ball player images for Williams SLUGFEST pitch & bat arcade baseball machine.

Target faces only. Target faces require rivet or screw fastening to existing or new target assembly bracket.

Use 1/8 inch semi-tubular rivet 7/32 inch long (see 07-6688-19N under related items below). Complete target assembly numbers are A-14452 and A-14150.


  • A-14452 target assembly
  • A-14150 target assembly
  • 31-1619-7 Target "Willie Bonillie"
  • 31-1619-6 Target "Mike Spit"
  • 31-1619-5 Target "Pat Ternity"
  • 31-1619-4 Target "I. Dunno"
  • 31-1619-3 Target "Bull Bobinski"
  • 31-1619-2 Target "Fernando Argentina"
  • 31-1619-1 Target "Billy Bumpkin"

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